A new record!

In view of last week’s discussion on numbers of Glens at shows this is very illustrative. A question has arrived regarding the entry for the 2011 Finnish Glen of Imaal Terrier Show; is the record broken? There are 67 Glens entered and so the record has now gone. Congratulations Finland!!

The request was made here because, as far as anybody knows, the record was created in the UK. Back in 1989, yes 22 years ago, 56 Glen of Imaal Terriers made 98 entries for judge George Campbell. There were 10 in Open Dog & 13 in Open Bitch. 11 trophies were on offer with extra awards for Best Dog, Bitch & Veteran. Rosettes and prizes were offered for the first to fifth in each class and to finish the bonanza, money (£10.00 for Best In Show) specials for the top winners was also offered.

4 thoughts on “A new record!

  1. I was convinced that the Dutch Club Championship Show back in 2001 had a record-breaking entry of 64 Glens … but having checked back to the Winter 2001 EFG newsletter and Jean’s article … it was actually 54. Still, the most Glens that David and I had ever seen under one roof!

    We had a busy year that year! In the same newsletter was my report of David’s and my trip to the US for GITCA’s first Independent Specialty Show. Judge Norma Wilkinson-Kerr (Salterswall, UK) had an entry of 42 Glens, the highest entry of Glens at a US show. I don’t know whether that number has since been topped in the US …?

    Going back to the entry of 11 at Leeds this year … at Leeds 2004, there was an entry of 9 just in the Open Dog class (with 1 absentee on the day).

  2. Thier have been good turnouts at the Sporting club of Ireland usually 30 to 40 dogs.

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