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For years some Glen of Imaal Terrier owners have always advocated never having your dog off the lead in a public space. Others have argued against this quite strongly saying that the words “do not ever” give out a bad impression of the breed. Maybe they would like to think again in view of this. It won’t be the only council.

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  1. This matter is down to training,discipline and commonsense of both owner and dog of all breeds and in some of both is totally lacking. I had a tiny yorkie x come round a blind bend on a footpath it flew into Bens face the owners response hes only “playing”and walking down another passage a border collie came out growling and snarling . The owners response when i politely asked him to keep his dog under control its only playing and “doesnt mean it” so my dogs are supposed to be able to know that.
    The collie wasnt playing if only owners of dogs would buy a mirror and take along hard look 95% of the time they would see the real problem staring back . Its like and for me its usually labradors when out up the fields having 1 or 2 labs running straight up to my dogs and its always the same response. They only want to say hello then you get the labs following you for up to 1/2 mile or they can start trouble if only the owners would think and apply commonsense.

  2. I quite agree Stephen, a lot of idiot owners cause problems.
    The case in n the link is slightly different but yet another idiot.

    • It’s working from the UK so maybe not available from the US. It is basically an article from a local paper about somebody getting fined for having their dog off the lead in a public place.

  3. Wish our court system was as reactive as this one. People go about here with dogs off leash all the time, and in Southern California, we have backyard bred Pit Bulls by the dozen. I keep the Glens close and make sure they do not, under any condition, make eye contact with these dogs in particular. Oddly enough, I met a man at the local farmer’s market (always crowded with dogs on leash) with a lovely English Staffie off lead. He had her completely under voice control, but I wouldn’t push it if an off lead Pit were in the area. Mine do not go off lead except within the walled border of my property. I don’t think telling prospective owners to keep Glens on leash gives a negative impression of the breed. It is just common sense.

  4. This is the first prosecution under new laws that have been passed recently. I went to some of the Council meetings and managed to get some of the original plans changed – eg leash lengths, recreation grounds as on lead only (off playing pitches) rather than a total ban and I tthink I surprised some of the councillors by agreeing that dog should not be allowed in childrens play areas although I did push that any new benches/ seating areas should be positioned outside these areas so adults could sit with the family dog while supervising children at play.

    This guy really pushed his luck

  5. To be honest this “gent” should be allowed to keep a stick insect the story tells you everything . Im a pitbull fan but again its the clown on the end of the lead 95% of the time my dogs of of the lead in open country but you apply commonsense i have a glen bitch who turns when on the lead but is completely passive off the lead Thier is no right or wrong just commonsense,training and understanding your dogs and observing others.

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