Leeds 2011 Critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

JD: 1) Kirikee Ronan O’Gara, one to note for the future, head of good width correct stop & powerful jaw, good depth of body, firm loin & strong hindquarters, moved out freely, once settled, with plenty of drive.

PGD: 1) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. Pleasing masculine head, good bone, correct topline, well set & carried tail & powerful hindquarters, moved out well coming & going. 2) Romainville Padraig. Not the substance & bone of 1 but pleased in head with a strong jaw, muscular neck & good topline, steady mover. 3) Amhard Freebooter.

LD: 1) Donvaleset Rebus. Nice for type & took this class on presence & movement, good head shape & scored in eye, ear & neck with nice lines & set on, effortless movement with reach & drive. RBD. 2) Romainville Typhoon. Not the ring presence & balance of 1 but has qualities in head, eye, ear & scored in rib, loin & topline. Steady mover once settled. 3) Amhard Damson Sauce.

OD: 1) Ch/Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Quality Champion with a cracking head & expression, well placed & used ears, correct topline & scored in rib, loin & hindquarters. So well presented with an excellent coat & moved well both ways. CC & BOB.

PGB: 1) Amhard Feeling So Cool. Nice king bitch who tends to hide her light under a bushel so to speak. Pleasing head of good width, correct eye, muscular neck & shown in good coat, showed nice lines in profile & moved out well once settled. RBB. 2) Donvaleset Domino. Scored in head & eye & has plenty of bone & substance, completely erratic on the move which was somewhat difficult to assess.

OB: 1) Ir Ch Abberann Eilish at Kirikee. Suffered a little from the heat but a lovely girl, well made & of good size & shape. Has a well balanced head & pleased in eye & expression, topline & coat, plenty of substance & bone & covered the ground well on the move. RCC.

Roger Thomas (Judge)

Busy weekend

The only All Breed Championship Show in the Uk over the Bank Holiday didn’t have classes for Glen of Imaal Terriers but the international Glen world was certainly out and about. In Ireland Int Ch Abberann Conan picked up another Group 2, following on a Group 4 from Sligo earlier in the summer. In America a Group 4 was added to Finnabair Song O’My Hearts growing CV and Abberann Abaigeal was BOB at Newtown KC with Liberty Prudence Best of Winners. Finland had Gleann Una Noonan pulled in for BOB at Tervakoski International Show with Abberann Bearnard BOS. The Finnish Terrier Specialty Show had 31 Glens entered with BOB to Irish Rover Sir Brendan Behan and BOS to Gleann Ode.   Nice weekend!

Yep, no problem

Overnight a couple of emails have come in asking if the following can appear as a main blog post because people who receive notification direct to their mobiles and i-pod often don’t pick up comments.

The following was posted by Ali in reply to “It’s just as things panned out”

UK Glen of Imaal Terrier litters born in 2008, 2009, 2010 plus the first litter registered in 2011 total:

27 litters – 154 puppies – from 13 stud dogs owned by 10 UK owner/breeders and one Irish breeder.

One breeder, who owns 2 of the stud dogs, lives in Ireland.  These 2 dogs have each sired one UK-registered litter over this time.

The other 11 stud dogs – 10 owners/kennels – are UK resident.

One stud dog has produced 48 puppies from 9 litters – that’s one third of the litters and just shy of one third of the total puppies.

One stud dog has sired 3 litters over this time (20 puppies); he has sired another 3 litters prior to 2008.

Four stud dogs have each sired 2 litters over this time.  One of these dogs has sired another 2 litters prior to 2008; one dog has sired another 4 litters prior to 2008; one dog has sired another 5 litters prior to 2008

Five stud dogs have each sired 1 litter over this time.  One of these dogs has sired another 2 litters prior to 2008 and one dog has sired another 1 litter prior to 2008.

Of the 13 stud dogs, almost two-thirds are Irish-bred:

5 were bred in the UK
6 are Irish imports
2 are resident in Ireland

Of the 13 stud dogs, just over half have GPRA-crd3 results published:

6 of the 11 UK-resident stud dogs
1 of the 2 dogs in Ireland

Both sides together

Recently, on both sides of the Atlantic, the same sort of question occupied the minds of Glen of Imaal Terrier people; internet advertising of puppies. Are ebay classifieds, google and free listing, rather than personal websites, the places for Glens? The majority seemed to come down heavily on the side of “certainly not” but that leads to the next question of where are people supposed to advertise then? The old (but quite valid) thing used to be that a litter was never bred until firm orders had already been received but Glens often have big litters also we are living in peculiar economic times. So what is somebody supposed to do when their bitch whelps eight or nine pups or half your firm orders suddenly don’t happen because a job has been lost or redundancy may threaten?

In an ideal world the old values would still stand but they just don’t anymore. The internet rules our lives and that includes selling puppies so we all need to adjust our thoughts. Rather than gasping in horror when asked about a web advertised litter shouldn’t we try to be pleased that the person enquiring is doing more investigating and be as gracious as if it were just an “old-fashioned” telephone call? Help out as much as possible but do remember to pass on the bottom line; any photographs admired via an internet advert may not be the animals mentioned unless it specifically says so so do see the parents and puppies before agreeing to buy!


It’s just as things have panned out-nothing else.

The recent Breed Record Supplement recorded only three Glen of Imaal Terriers registered in the recent quarter. Last time we only a had a few registered just happened to be session when a journalist did their totally wrong, and very damaging, piece on Glens being rarer than the Giant Panda. Some of us fought it hard and got it removed or retracted from all over but the damage had been done-for the next two years we still got people advertising Glens under the Giant Panda strapline and attempting to charge prices accordingly.

Back then it was just how the registrations had been applied for and it is the same for the March-June quarter. At the Association Show a group of Glen people were “totting up” pups that were around and between 25 and 30 were known. Some of these may not be registered with the Kennel Cllub but the big majority will be and the numbers will show later in the year.

Keeping things up to date

Here are the worldwide and UK numbers of Glen of Imaal Terrier that have been tested for GPRA-crd3 since the DNA test became available in June 2010.

OptiGen (America), who mainly receives samples from the US, UK and Ireland, has tested a total of 277 Glens (worldwide) – Clear: 132 (48%); Carrier: 119 (43%); Affected: 26 (9%).  Of these 277 Glens, 57 are from the UK – Clear: 28 (49%); Carrier: 26 (46%); Affected: 3 (5%).

Bochum (Germany), who mainly receives samples from mainland Europe and the UK, has tested a total of 265 Glens (worldwide) – Clear: 154 (58%); Carrier: 93 (35%); Affected: 18 (7%).  Of these 265 Glens, 21 are from the UK – Clear: 14 (67%); Carrier: 5 (24%); Affected: 2 (9%).

 Worldwide (figures from both OptiGen and Bochum) demonstrate – Clear: 53%; Carrier: 39%; Affected 8%.  OptiGen and Bochum have a total of 78 UK results, but 3 Glens (Clear x 1, Carrier x 1 and Affected x 1) have been tested at both labs, effectively making it 75 UK Glens DNA tested for GPRA-crd3.  The distribution of Clear, Carrier and Affected are as follows: Clear: 41 (55%); Carrier: 30 (40%); Affected: 4 (5%).

Since October 2010, when the Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Testing Scheme was established by the Kennel Club, the results of all UK Glens have been sent by the testing laboratory (OptiGen or Bochum) to the Kennel Club.  The results of 58 of the 75 tested Glens have now been published on the Kennel Club website: www.thekennelclub/item/3384 (updated 1st August 2011) – Clear (35); Carrier (22); Affected (1).

The results of another 9 Glens – Clear (4); Carrier (5) – have been published on either the GOITA website (www.goita.co.uk – Glen Health: DNA TEST Results UK) or the EFG Blog (www.e-f-g.co.uk – Blog: Categories: PRA DNA news).  A further 8 results – Clear (2); Carrier (3); Affected (3) – have not been published at all.  All these Glens would have been tested between June/Jul and Oct/Nov 2010).

If you have had your Glen DNA tested for GPRA-crd3 and the results do not appear on the Kennel Club website – see above for link – then this is what to do!  Send a COPY of your Glen’s DNA test certificate to: Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, 1 – 5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB.  (There is no charge for this service).


And the winners were….

At Welsh Kennel Club the Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier was Romainville Bodhran (hopefully Linda gets  airmiles-or something-for all her long distance commuting as she shows repeatedly that living on Guernsey isn’t too big a problemm) with Best Opposite going to Jeonty Maybee Daysee. The two Reserves were Jeonty Wanabee Bauer & Brockland Belle Bregorrey.

The group of Irish shows known as “The Circuit” ended with 3 Best of Breeds for Abberann Special Edition at Bellwood and one for Int Ch Abberann Conan. Over in America Niamh of Cnoc took Bred By Exhibitor Gp 1 at Susque-Nango Kennel Club

Congratulations everybody.