It’s a wrap!!!!!!

Yep, you read that correctly. The pennies have been retreived from beneath the table, the final pots emptied, the last bits of paper included and it can be finally said……yes, Yes, YES! Five years ago the EFG people took a huge gamble and, in a submission to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, pledged to match any monies donated to the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA DNA Fund within five years. Four years ago it all started and now, with one year “to spare” it’s ended WITH A RESULT!!

The torrential rain at the Companion Show and FUNd Day meant only about half was raised there compared to what has come in the previous years but other sources, plus the success of past events, means WE DID IT!!

All that can be said is thank you to a group of people that, without any official backing, proved that their word was good and they believed. Thank you for the time. Thank you for the effort. Thank you for the donations in memory of beloved dogs and thank you for keeping the Pennies for PRA pots. Thank you for bidding on ebay. Thank you for crossing the country. Thank you all for being you and remaining convinced and supporting when others just seemed to want us to fail. We’re off for a well deserved lie-down now and will be back on the 15th.

But before we go this is for all of us

7 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!!!!!!

  1. Yes Liz well said both GOITA and EFG have raised funds to help find the problem then like buses they came 2 at a time both European and US only the best news for the breed.

  2. WHOOP WHOOP EFG!!! It’s been 4 years of hard fundraising to get the money paid back, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. Big thanks to Jean and Tony for hosting the event each year too.

    We’ve been so lucky with suport to match the donation from EFG folk and people outside the breed coming to the show/FUNDay and spending lots of money. Think the rain this year showed us just how much great support we have.

    Good that we stuck together and honoured the promise we made 4 years ago. Big smiley faces all round 🙂

  3. Congratulations EFG!! It’s a treat to hear you have accomplished the goal you did set, and a year early. Loads of work well rewarded.

  4. why do the clapping hands need to be removed?? I think we deserve a blooming big clap for all the hard work the EFG people have put into matching the donation:-(

  5. No Nicki they just catch my eye nothing to do with what fund raising has been done by everyone.

  6. Well done everyone, rain or no rain the Samuel Family still enjoyed it. Linda

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