Catching up

We appreciate things sent last week and they are safely in the file for use! First though thanks to Louise Lopez for her work compiling this:-

For those not following along on Facebook it has been a very nice ‘sporting’ week-end for our Glen of Imaal Terriers:

Monique and Les Anthony’s’ Oliver passed his Odor Recogntion Test for Scentwork/Nosework. This is the preliminary qualifying step for dogs who want to eventually earn a nosework title. Dogs start out initially by searching for smelly food hidden in boxes and eventually graduate to finding an item scented with birch. To pass, Oliver had to (in just a few seconds) identify correctly a box which contained birch scent (one out of many boxes). Monique had to have the confidence in him to know that he’d correctly identified it and report it. Oliver managed in 11 seconds flat–well done! I believe he’s the first glen to be ORT certified.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Mary McDaniel and Fiona had a perfect run in Novice Agility (this is the standard course with the dog walk/A-frame, etc.) This was Fiona’s 3rd qualifying run and she’s earned her NAP (novice agility preferred) title. Qualifying is not that easy and to do it w/a perfect score–wow!  

Finland (as usual) had shows over the weekends with two near stars rising. The 9 month old sisters Rosears Fuzzbuster & Rosears Flying Colours both took a CAC each at different shows. Fuzzbuster got hers with a Best of Breed and Flying Colours with a Best Opposite

Nice going people-especially the US Glens witth their “other” disciplines!