Keeping things up to date

Here are the worldwide and UK numbers of Glen of Imaal Terrier that have been tested for GPRA-crd3 since the DNA test became available in June 2010.

OptiGen (America), who mainly receives samples from the US, UK and Ireland, has tested a total of 277 Glens (worldwide) – Clear: 132 (48%); Carrier: 119 (43%); Affected: 26 (9%).  Of these 277 Glens, 57 are from the UK – Clear: 28 (49%); Carrier: 26 (46%); Affected: 3 (5%).

Bochum (Germany), who mainly receives samples from mainland Europe and the UK, has tested a total of 265 Glens (worldwide) – Clear: 154 (58%); Carrier: 93 (35%); Affected: 18 (7%).  Of these 265 Glens, 21 are from the UK – Clear: 14 (67%); Carrier: 5 (24%); Affected: 2 (9%).

 Worldwide (figures from both OptiGen and Bochum) demonstrate – Clear: 53%; Carrier: 39%; Affected 8%.  OptiGen and Bochum have a total of 78 UK results, but 3 Glens (Clear x 1, Carrier x 1 and Affected x 1) have been tested at both labs, effectively making it 75 UK Glens DNA tested for GPRA-crd3.  The distribution of Clear, Carrier and Affected are as follows: Clear: 41 (55%); Carrier: 30 (40%); Affected: 4 (5%).

Since October 2010, when the Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Testing Scheme was established by the Kennel Club, the results of all UK Glens have been sent by the testing laboratory (OptiGen or Bochum) to the Kennel Club.  The results of 58 of the 75 tested Glens have now been published on the Kennel Club website: www.thekennelclub/item/3384 (updated 1st August 2011) – Clear (35); Carrier (22); Affected (1).

The results of another 9 Glens – Clear (4); Carrier (5) – have been published on either the GOITA website ( – Glen Health: DNA TEST Results UK) or the EFG Blog ( – Blog: Categories: PRA DNA news).  A further 8 results – Clear (2); Carrier (3); Affected (3) – have not been published at all.  All these Glens would have been tested between June/Jul and Oct/Nov 2010).

If you have had your Glen DNA tested for GPRA-crd3 and the results do not appear on the Kennel Club website – see above for link – then this is what to do!  Send a COPY of your Glen’s DNA test certificate to: Health & Breeder Services Department, The Kennel Club, 1 – 5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB.  (There is no charge for this service).