Both sides together

Recently, on both sides of the Atlantic, the same sort of question occupied the minds of Glen of Imaal Terrier people; internet advertising of puppies. Are ebay classifieds, google and free listing, rather than personal websites, the places for Glens? The majority seemed to come down heavily on the side of “certainly not” but that leads to the next question of where are people supposed to advertise then? The old (but quite valid) thing used to be that a litter was never bred until firm orders had already been received but Glens often have big litters also we are living in peculiar economic times. So what is somebody supposed to do when their bitch whelps eight or nine pups or half your firm orders suddenly don’t happen because a job has been lost or redundancy may threaten?

In an ideal world the old values would still stand but they just don’t anymore. The internet rules our lives and that includes selling puppies so we all need to adjust our thoughts. Rather than gasping in horror when asked about a web advertised litter shouldn’t we try to be pleased that the person enquiring is doing more investigating and be as gracious as if it were just an “old-fashioned” telephone call? Help out as much as possible but do remember to pass on the bottom line; any photographs admired via an internet advert may not be the animals mentioned unless it specifically says so so do see the parents and puppies before agreeing to buy!