4 thoughts on “Belfast entry closing

  1. The economic situation appears to be taking its toll can an entry fee averaging about £22.50 per dog really be justified why not make shows 2 day events start the showing earlier and or later.
    Thier must be some way of making savings to either reduce or hold costs down we have not shown much at all this year for a number of reasons not entering say 7 shows the savings on entries £525 approx plus fuel and extras food,drink other items saving of over £750.
    That is alot of money and other people are doing the same i wonder what other people think /.

    • To organize a 2 days international dog show, a club has to “mobilize and put at stake” about 100.000 euro.
      If they turn a 5000 euro profit……they are lucky.(with a lot of voluntiers!)
      Some clubs return to a one day event because 2 days rent of the hall is eating their budget.
      Some just quit.

  2. Belfast IS a two day show.

    It’s just a very long way away, and with an expensive ferry crossing – which makes it far, far too expensive for most.

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