Next Optigen clinic

Val Tiller (Foxbarton Border Collies) is holding her annual September OptiGen 20/20 session on Tuesday 6th September.  All breeds are welcome, and a number of Glen of Imaal Terriers have already been DNA tested for GPRA-crd3 through Val’s very efficient sessions.  You can either attend the session with your Glen, or you can choose postal participation.  Either way, please contact Val as soon as possible to either arrange an appointment or to find out when she needs blood samples sent.  Val provides a very comprehensive and helpful information package for anyone having their dogs DNA tested through her clinic session.

There is a 5% discount for online submission of paperwork, which is pretty straightforward to do but needs to be done in advance of the session, so that you can print off and bring the paperwork with you.  If you are going to do this, please wait until you have spoken to Val, because she can give you her discount code to enter on the paperwork, and which entitles you to a further 25% discount.  Alternatively, you can print out the submission form and fill it in by hand; or Val can complete paperwork for you at a small charge that is donated to Border Collie Rescue.

Remember, your dog must have some form of permanent identification (PI) – microchip or tattoo – to be eligible for testing for GPRA-crd3.  Val offers a microchipping service at her sessions.  If you are doing “postal participation” please remember that OptiGen will only take BLOOD samples for Glen testing; you will need to arrange for your vet to draw blood and then send the sample and paperwork to Val for shipping to the OptiGen lab in America.

There is a very reasonable charge at Val’s sessions to cover drawing blood, labelling and shipping.  Tea and biscuits are provided!  For more information, please contact Val – Tel. 01372 273597 or Email:  The sessions are held at: Foxbarton, 15 Beaconsfield Road, Langley Vale, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 6HA.  Val’s next session will be February 2012.

Catching up

We appreciate things sent last week and they are safely in the file for use! First though thanks to Louise Lopez for her work compiling this:-

For those not following along on Facebook it has been a very nice ‘sporting’ week-end for our Glen of Imaal Terriers:

Monique and Les Anthony’s’ Oliver passed his Odor Recogntion Test for Scentwork/Nosework. This is the preliminary qualifying step for dogs who want to eventually earn a nosework title. Dogs start out initially by searching for smelly food hidden in boxes and eventually graduate to finding an item scented with birch. To pass, Oliver had to (in just a few seconds) identify correctly a box which contained birch scent (one out of many boxes). Monique had to have the confidence in him to know that he’d correctly identified it and report it. Oliver managed in 11 seconds flat–well done! I believe he’s the first glen to be ORT certified.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Mary McDaniel and Fiona had a perfect run in Novice Agility (this is the standard course with the dog walk/A-frame, etc.) This was Fiona’s 3rd qualifying run and she’s earned her NAP (novice agility preferred) title. Qualifying is not that easy and to do it w/a perfect score–wow!  

Finland (as usual) had shows over the weekends with two near stars rising. The 9 month old sisters Rosears Fuzzbuster & Rosears Flying Colours both took a CAC each at different shows. Fuzzbuster got hers with a Best of Breed and Flying Colours with a Best Opposite

Nice going people-especially the US Glens witth their “other” disciplines!

It’s a wrap!!!!!!

Yep, you read that correctly. The pennies have been retreived from beneath the table, the final pots emptied, the last bits of paper included and it can be finally said……yes, Yes, YES! Five years ago the EFG people took a huge gamble and, in a submission to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, pledged to match any monies donated to the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA DNA Fund within five years. Four years ago it all started and now, with one year “to spare” it’s ended WITH A RESULT!!

The torrential rain at the Companion Show and FUNd Day meant only about half was raised there compared to what has come in the previous years but other sources, plus the success of past events, means WE DID IT!!

All that can be said is thank you to a group of people that, without any official backing, proved that their word was good and they believed. Thank you for the time. Thank you for the effort. Thank you for the donations in memory of beloved dogs and thank you for keeping the Pennies for PRA pots. Thank you for bidding on ebay. Thank you for crossing the country. Thank you all for being you and remaining convinced and supporting when others just seemed to want us to fail. We’re off for a well deserved lie-down now and will be back on the 15th.

But before we go this is for all of us

Thinking of the FCI European Show?

We prepared offer for convenient accommodation ( ) during the European Dog Show in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands (1st – 4th September). We have arranged hotels close to Leeuwarden, as hotels directly in Leeuwarden are mainly booked for judges and officials of the European dogs show. All hotels are well connected with Leeuwarden by main highways and railways.
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Remaining at your disposal.

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