A decade ago….

On behalf of us all, I would just like to pass on our thoughts at this time to all our friends in America. and worldwide. A tragedy that will never be forgotten and we trust we will never see the like again. Stand proud today and stay strong. Jean

3 thoughts on “A decade ago….

  1. Thanks for that, Jean. It’s been a grim day today, but appropriately so. The new memorial at Ground Zero, dedicated this morning, well, I do think they got it right. It is a fitting and, in its own way, devastatingly beautiful place of remembrance.

    Bruce (in New York)

  2. We went to a service here on the west coast yesterday. Firefighters who were there doing all they could to spell the ones from New York spoke. Very hard to hear, but a necessary part of grieving I think.
    Thank you Jean.

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