Quite a few people forwarded information about “Norman” to Glen Services. He was advertised on the Dogs Trust (Shrewsbury) website as a Glen of Imaal Terrier and, unlike many, his photograph showed that he was. Services have been in touch with the Trust and, “once his issues with other dogs have been sorted”, they have a home for him so help is┬ánot needed. Norman came from a dog pound in Ireland and was shipped over here to be found a home and they are so pleased that they now have……once his issues etc.

An offer was made to send a representative with experience in Glens to assess him but the Trust felt there was no need as everything is hopefully sorted. They have said though that they would welcome the Green Book (Introduction to Glen of Imaal Terriers) to pass onto the new owner and the information for Irish Glen Rescue has also been sent to them so the Trust people in Ireland have a contact if any more come in.