Fancy a mince pie..on a busy weekend?

It’s been a glorious wallow in nostalgia recently but a very valid point has been put. The large get-togethers all over the place stopped when fuel prices initially started to rise so much. We now all know that they are never going to go down again now so why not get-together more often again? If people know that a show is being supported it might nget entries up again!

Who can argue on that so, in fond memory of past hospitality, the EFG would like to announce that mince pies (and possibly other things) will be available at West Midlands Terrier on December 3rd. Schedules are available and the closing date is November 8th (snail mail) and November 15th on line. Glen of Imaal Terriers are 2nd in the ring so it will give plenty of time to talk, exchange Christmas cards and still be home before it gets too dark.

December 4th is the day of the Glen Association Championship Show at Shenstone. Entries close on November 4th and details are available from Anne Hardy  so if anybody fancies a busy weekend….

ADDITION.  Been asked about the entry form for West Midlands? Any you have lying around will do as all the details are on the schedule but an actual West Midlands can be downloaded

We are awash in memories

After yesterday it was no surprise that this came in overnight. It’s a Chum bag on tour at the World Trade Centre

There were recollections from the Cherry Blossom Classic, travelling by train from the wilds of Finland, being stopped by customs and having coffeemate sachets seriously examined, having airport drug search dogs give you the look because you’ve been around bitches in season, having to carry a stripping knife out in front of you through security so it can be seen that it isn’t an offfensive weapon…the list goes on and on.

Back to today though and it is Midland Counties Championship Show this weekend. Glen of Imaal Terriers are on Sunday 30th and there has been a change of judge. Jenny Lowe will now be officiating after Pat Chadwick withdrew, hopefully Pat will be back out and about again soon.


The post of October 14th certainly set people on the memory trail. Photographs and “do you remember?” emails have been arriving. The EFG Fact Finding trips (crucial things about Glen of Imaal Terriers and their folk were always discovered) hold a special memory for quite a few. This is one picture from the Amsterdam Winners that’ll probably cause a few mental reminiscences

Autumn must be coming

For the first time in months no European Glen of Imaal Terrier show news but over in America things continue on. Always nice to hear of the breed doing other things and Monique Anthony sends news of yet another string to Oliver’s multi-talented bow.

Oliver (Rainbow Springs Oliver Twist SE RN) and I competed in our first K9 Nose Work trial held at an agricultural high school in Dighton, Massachusetts on Sunday.  There were 4 different search areas and the dogs had 3 minutes maximum in each region to locate a hidden birch scented cotton swab after which the handler must call “Alert”.  Out of 46 dogs competing, Oliver was one of only 14 that passed all 4 search tests (containers, interior building, exterior area & vehicle) earning his Nosework 1 title from the National Association of Canine Scentwork.

Del Valle Dog Club Glens

Also news doesn’t often arrive from the West Coast Glen community but Del Valle occured over the weekend. Best of Breed Ch Finnabair Waking Kilmurray, Best Opposite to Champion Broc Rua Gone With The Wind with Best of Winners to Maille of Cnoc