Combining two

When the muse was made about “difficult and awkward” questions there was quite a response. We are combining two of them (hopefully the senders won’t mind) because, in essence, they were asking the same thing.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier has a heritage of other breeds being crossed into it. It was these “others” that basically kept the Glen going but they did bring things into the breed that can be quite a surprise to somebody having a litter. Even now, 40 plus years on, pink nosed and eye rimmed puppies are born. You may consider them pretty, sweet or cute but Glen of Imaal Terriers that are liver/dudley/chocolate are wrong for the breed standard. It’s the same with the puppy that grows and grows and suddenly is 17 inches tall. It’s a handsome beast alright but it’s far too big. The question that both senders wanted is this:

If a Glen person is aware that an animal they have bred, or the sister/brother of a Glen they own and intend to breed with, carries the height or liver gene what, for the good of the breed as it now is, is the best way to proceed?