Last weekend in Wales “Remember….” came into the conversation a lot. It started as everybody read the present for judge Peter Bakewell. What earned the comment of-I was always told he was one of our most experienced judges but hadn’t realised?.  Back in 1984  Peter had judged West Midlands Terrier  with an entry of 42 Glens and written a long critique. The hand-written document had been found and was grinningly given back to him.  Another CC giving judge present reminisced about entries of that number which led to memories of the wine and beer tasting.  At West Midlands Terrier Glen of Imaal people would hold a wine and beer competition, many were enthusiastic brewers & wine makers, and even get a judge in. One year, possibly 86/87 but nobody was too sure on that, other breed people entered as well and judge Fred Bakewell sent his “notes” to the dog paper-they printed it.

Also in Wales a group got together for supper and that also led to “remember when” we all celebrated a Ruby Wedding together and toasted a new wedding. The list kept getting longer. At South Wales word got out that there was Bread Pudding in attendance and there was even requests for “take outs” for people who couldn’t leave their own rings. All over memories surfaced that were followed with a “why don’t you….”

Times have moved on so the brewing (of immortal memory) can no longer take place but why not to anything else? We have all pulled back a bit recently and it’s flattering to know it has been missed; should we go out again? Let us know.

Welcome to Mr & Mrs Sage!

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  1. We have just had a small gathering at Wales and we talked about the times we would all meet up,. It made for a lovely weekend and was thoroughly enjoyed by all A time to relax for a couple of days and our thanks must go to Yvonne & Mike Brown for playing host.

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