Still 67 days until Christmas but….

…National Terrier 2012 Schedules are now available!

They haven’t moved the date of the show, still the first Saturday of April, so this is pre-planning and a half. The judge for Glen of Imaal Terriers is to be Bill Browne-Cole. That’s an interesting appointment for NT who often try to give breed specialists. Bill  though, has judged Glens a few times. The first was back in the days when Birmingham City used to schedule the breed and jaws dropped when it was realised that the ultra-professional breeder of the ultra-prepared Wire Fox was doing us. For the first (and only) time there was actually a selection of Fox Terrier men ringside to see what Bill would do and what his reaction to us would be? Back then showing was quite a bit more formal than it is now, particularly in the handler breeds, but we knew everything would be alright when audibly from ringside came the comment of “Bill’s smiling!!”