The post of October 14th certainly set people on the memory trail. Photographs and “do you remember?” emails have been arriving. The EFG Fact Finding trips (crucial things about Glen of Imaal Terriers and their folk were always discovered) hold a special memory for quite a few. This is one picture from the Amsterdam Winners that’ll probably cause a few mental reminiscences

6 thoughts on “Memories!

  1. This was a trip nobody will forget. The best bit was the young man, on think it was roller skates.
    He passed us as we were turning into the RAI. We shouted drive on, the driver chose to ignore us, Oh! well.The minibus was nearly on two wheels as all the passengers crammed to look out of the side windows. Young, bronzed, six pack and wearing just a thong. Now that was a World Show 2002 in Amsterdam we will not forget. Still cannot remember what the dogs did at the show.
    Good memories.

  2. lol I’ve told that tale many a time! Black thong, rucksack and rollerblades! If I close my eyes can probably picture him now.. 🙂 I remember us getting lost many times and how a certain driver nearly go busted for driving a little too fast past the windmills on the way back to center parcs! Was a lo of funand we even had that fun day in Amsterdam.

  3. p.s Just been chatting to a copper wh had an EFG numberplate. Said we need hat and told him why.He said that the police are always looking for ways to raise funds!

  4. Chumbags on tour, that’s a memory. We tried to get them photographed in as many different places as possible but they were VERY useful being yellow. One American jaunt I suddenly saw a Chum bag going in the wrong direction and tore after it-the label had come off so it was going to the address it had come from. Wouldn’t have noticed if it had been ordinary black


    • Yes, I can still hear the screech as you woke from your slumbers and saw it disappearing. no-one has left a Greyhound bus at that speed before or since!

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