Whilst we’re thinking Health….

The Karlton Index is an independent work on the health of pedigree dogs. It’s findings are based purely on what can be found via the internet; in other words things that are openly available and discussed/talked about. After a lot of work all breeds are now included on it. The Glen of Imaal Terrier was one of the last to go up.

Health page updated (please read to bottom)

Thanks for the suggestions that the EFG health pages could do a bit of updating; they have now been done. Whilst on the subject of health a few co-ordinators have been in touch after the recent Breed Health Co-ordinators Seminar. Glen of Imaal Association Co-ordinator Don Harley told the meeting that, after a Stud Dog & Brood Bitch owners meetings to which people had been invited, it had been decided that only Glens DNA tested and micro-chipped would be bred from. This is now incorporated in to the Code of Ethics and has been passed by the Kennel Club. That was the bit that impressed others there as they  had wanted to do this with their own breeds but the KC had said no as it was too restrictive. What was the Association’s secret?

From Don Harley: I realized  it was incorrect about brood bitches, and I believe that I said that  I would LIKE to see it in the code of ethics,but then when there are people making notes maybe I should  have spoken louder or more clearly.Therefore I would like the blog  to be corrected.

Just a word or two..

Yes, nowadays going to Europe with dogs is no longer a problem. In January things will change again but in the meantime, do not think you have it sorted.

Arrive at Dover/Calais (P & O Ferries) and be promptly told by an officious type “We do not do dogs on a day trip. In 20 years I have never had a dog go in and out in a day so sorry, you can’t travel!!!”

So quoted DEFRA and was told that we would have to go to the Main Office and sort it out. The nice lady finally agreed by looking at computer and consulting supervisor and very closely checking the Pet Passports. Yes they meet the requirements, so in this case we can let you go across.

Worm /Tick requirements are at least 24hrs and not more than 48hrs before you comeback and they don’t like the loophole that some people use of having it done at the show. So if you are going abroad just check you get it done & it is on the passport before you go out or you may not get there.!!!!

Years of going in and out have made some dogpeople say “no problem” but just be warned that there ARE still some port people out there quite willing to say “Just a minute”. Also January is a change, and we told them, but the reaction was “what are you talking about?” If you are going abroad in the first part of 2012 make sure you have all the new regulations printed off the computer or else you might not be going


South Wales Kennel Association critique


PGD: 1) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. Well balanced dog, good head balanced with strong jaw, good shoulders & forequarters, well sprung ribs, good bone & substance, strong loin, good muscular hindquarters, good coat texture, moved with drive. 2) Jeonty Dinky Doughnut. A nicely made dog, nice outline & overall balance, typey head, ok in rib & body, strong loin, good hindquarters. Not as positive on move as winner.

LD: 1) Jeonty Wanabee Bauer. Soundly made dog, good outline, well balanced, nice size, good head with dark eye, strong jaw, good neck, shoulders & forequarters, lovely ribs & body, strong loin, muscular well angulated hindquarters, good coat. Moved very well, Res CC. 2) Donvaleset Rebus, strong masculine dog, head balanced with good width of skull & length, dark eye, good bone, well bodied, good hindquarters.

OD: 1) Int Ch/Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Soundly made dog, well balanced, good outline. Good head, correctly proportioned, strong jaw, muscular neck flowing into good shoulders, good forequarters, good ribs, well made  body, strong loin & muscular hindquarters, with well turned stifle. My Res CC winner last time I judged & could not be denied CC & BOB this. 2) Ch Beatrix Boy with Windarra from Donvaleset. Another quality Glen, soundly made, pleasing in outline & overall balance, good head & eye, well made body, good quarters fore & aft. Moved well, unlucky to meet winner in top form. 3) Romainville Bodhran.

JB: 1) Romainville Inki. Nice size & overall balance, feminine head, good eye, nice neck & shoulders, nicely made body, strong loin, okay in hindquarters. Not giving her best on the move.

PGB: 1) Romainville Lily. Nicely made bitch, head correctly proportioned, dark eye, nice shoulders, good ribs & body, good quarters fore & aft, moved & showed well. 2) Romainville Tigan. Typey bitch, nice outline, a shade finer made, ok in ribs & body, good hindquarters, not as positive on the move.

LB: 1)Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Soundly made bitch, well balanced with good outline, feminine head correctly proportioned with good expression, dark eye, nice neck, good forequarters, good rib & body, strong loin & hindquarters, good coat. Moved & showed very well. CC, I was pleased to hear this was her qualifier. 2) Jeonty Maybee Daysee. Another soundly made bitch, who pushed the winner all the way, good head & eye, good shoulders &  forequarters, good ribs, well made  body, muscular hindquarters, moved well. Res CC.

OB: 1) Ch Donvaleset Brier. Good outline & overall balance, feminine head of correct proportion, dark eye, good bone & substance, good ribs & well made body, Sttrong muscular hindquarters, moved well.

Peter E Bakewell (Judge)

Getting even more worth reading!

The “difficult and awkward” days always causes lots of reading and comments; today’s will  possibly be no different. A long time ago now the question of the relevance of the Glen of Imaal Terrier breed standard to the actual dog came up & some in the worldwide community were not polite about the perceived slight to Glens by non Irish owners.

The following comes from the Irish Sporting Glen Club-the Comment is from one of their most respected members & breeders.

General Appearance  :  Medium  sized with  medium  length coat,  great strength with the impression  of maximum substance for the size of the dog

COMMENT: Good description.

Important Proportion : Body longer than high and low to the ground.

COMMENT: OK as outline statement, otherwise use less. Why not give proportions as in previous standards?

Behaviour/Temerament : Active, agile and silent when working.  Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile, who oozes personality; his loyal and affectionate nature makes him a very acceptable house dog and companion.  The Irish Glen of Imaal is said to be less easily excited than other terriers, though he is always ready to give chase when called on.

COMMENT: True, but of little or no use to a judge when the Glen is being exhibited.



Skull : Of good width and of fair length.     COMMENT: How wide is good/how long is fair?

Stop : Pronounced.             COMMENT: Well described


Nose : Black.

Muzzle : Foreface of power, tapering to the nose.

Jaws : Strong.

COMMENT: Very good description but some dimensions would greatly assist judges.

Teeth : Teeth sound, regular, strong and of good size. Scissor bite.

COMMENT: Is level mouth acceptable or not?

Eyes : Brown, medium size, round and set well apart.  Light eyes should be penalised

COMMENT: Well described, but in the case of “missing eye” should this mean disqualification or not?

Ears : Small rose or half pricked when alert, thrown back when in repose.  Full drop or prick undesirable.

COMMENT: Do you disqualify full drop & prick or not?

Neck : Very muscular and of moderate length.

COMMENT: How long is moderate?

Body : Deep and long, and longer than high.

COMMENT: Accurate outline statement, but does not fully state the height/length ratio as per previous standards.

Topline : Level.

COMMENT: I do not agree with this statement. Height at withers usually 1-1.5 ins lower than height at loin. High point at loin was for wedging dog against roof of sett when extracting prey. “Straight” would be more appropriate word, neither roached nor hollow. However modern Glens are virtually level at top line-due to lack of use modern Glens are no longer worked. Does this mean that the dog that is high at loin is not up to standard? “Rising slightly” would be more appropriate.

Loin : Strong.

Chest : Wide and strong, ribs well sprung.

Tail : Docked.  Strong at root, well set on and carried gaily.  Pups tails docked to half length.  A natural tail (undocked) is allowed for in countries where docking is banned by law.



Shoulders : Broad, muscular and well laid back.  COMMENT: Excellent description

Forelegs : Short, bowed and well boned.

Feet : Compact and strong with rounded pads.  Front feet to turn out slightly from pasterns.


Hindquarters : Strong and well muscled.

Thighs : Well muscled.

Stifle :  Well bent.

Hocks : Turned neither in nor out.

Feet : Compact and strong with rounded pads.


Gait/Movement : Free, not hackneyed. Covers ground effortlessly with good drive behind.

Coat/Hair : Medium length, of harsh texture with soft undercoat.  Coat may  be tidied to present a neat outline.


Colour : Blue brindle but not toning to black. Wheaten, from  a  light wheaten  colour to  a golden  reddish shade. Puppies may be born coloured Blue, Wheaten, or Reddish.  Lighter coloured pups usually have an inky blue mask, and there may also be a streak of Blue down the back, on the tail, and on the ears.  The darker markings will clear with maturity.

COMMENT: Very good description


Height at the withers : Dogs : 14 inches (35,5 cm) is the maximum  Bitches : accordingly less.

Weight :  Dogs : 35 lbs (16kg).  Bitches : accordingly less.

COMMENT: Good & accurate description regarding height of dog. Bad in the case of bitches, what is accordingly? How can a judge decide? Very ambiguous description for bitches. No minimum height as stated in previous standards.

Faults : Any departure  from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and  the seriousness with which  the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.

  • Hound ears.
  • Undershot bite, overshot bite.
  • Too short in body.
  • Straight front.

COMMENT: Acceptable faults description but why are only the above mentioned? What about too long in body?

Eliminating faults :

Aggresive or overly shy. Black & Tan colour. Narrow foreface.

COMMENT: Why is black & tan here? Many “old time” Glens were this colour and what about “dudley”(liver)?

Westminster Invitees

Westminster differs from Crufts insofar as only the top five in every breed can guarantee on getting an entry to the show. Others, if a Champion, can apply but “the lottery” finishes as soon as the designated number is reached and 2012s (due to work at The Garden) has been reduced by 500. The top 5 Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

GCH Cill Dara’s Fergus Of Daulton (Ch Briarhill Drumlish – Ch Daulton’s Darling Orlaith)

GCH Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty (Ch Malsville Soldier Blue – Coleraine’s Budget Inn)

GCH Daulton’s Emerald Green (Ch Finnebair Let Freedom Ring – Ch Daulton’s Darling Darby)

GCH Finnabair Song O’My Heart (Ch Malsville Soldier Blue – GCH Finnabair Fiona The Wicked NAP)

GCH Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior Of Ber -D-Mar (Ch Pajantick Sky Masterson At Malsville – Ch Rainbow Springs Gotta Lotta Moxie)

Internationally speaking..

At the Eurodogs Show in Kortrijk BOB was Jeonty Wannabee Bauer whilst over in America GCH Rainbow Springs Wicklow’s Warrior of Ber-D-Mar took the same rosette at Kennel Club of Philidelphia. The Danish Terrier Club Sectional Show had McCormac Rathnait Kilraghts take BOB home & Finland, at the Jyvaskyla International Show (14 Glen of Imaal Terrier entered),Best of Breed went to 10 months old Pearytail Artless Tess. Well done everybody!

Pearytail Artless Tess

So where do you do it?

Glen of Imaal Terrier people live everywhere. They are in towns & cities, in villages & miles away from anywhere. They live in apartments & mansions, caravans & cottages. They are as adaptable as the dogs that live with them but where do they walk together? Louis raises a paw first to nominate his place; two hundred yards from the seashore his home walk is the miles of often isolated Scottish coast. Every day the tide brings new things to smell & experience and even he, sometimes, seems to pause to watch the sunrise over the endless oceanic horizon.

Louis, we’re all jealous!