Anno Domini

Last week another senior member of the Glen of Imaal Terrier world left us. Kafka (Bawnogue Boy Blue) walked over to join the Family when age got just too much and his people knew it was time for him to be young again. Nearly fifteen and a half well loved years waved him on his way and is that something we are sometimes forgetting about Glens…….that so many of them still live to a ripe old age?

Kafka has a sister still going strong, his sire (Soldier) was fifteen and a half before he went. All the time we are bombarded with statements like “pedigree dogs die younger” but here in Glens we actually have the evidence that they don’t. We used to say that, in the normal cause of events, anno domini was the biggest reason our dogs left us so maybe, in a health obsessed world, it should be something we think about embracing again!