Yesterday an email arrived (nothing unusual in that) that to begin with got a “so?” comment. Checking it with a few people who know about these things the comment they most made was blimey, that’ll have to go on the blog!

The email was from a very well known search engine congratulating the EFG on becoming one of the top million websites in the country and because of this EFG Glens would now become a search alternative…and it has! Go on, try it for yourself. Tap EFG into the search engine and when the page loads go down the bottom to “searches related to EFG” and there we are.

It feels a bit like the Oscars and we should thank the producer, the director, the teaboy and the taxi driver but we haven’t got any of those so we’ll thank you. Thank you Glen of Imaal Terrier enthusiasts and fanciers for using, and recommending, our website. When we redid it last-and we do it with three fingers & the tongue out the corner of the mouth-it was wondered if the totally different look might be a bit too much but the above nicely answers that question. Being different means being remembered!

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  1. Such an interesting and up to date blog is so valuable for our breed! The effort and time you put into it every day is very much appreciated. Congratulations. You deserve it!

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