Now this IS an announcement!

Lara Brown sends:-

We’re very excited to announce that Madra (Liberty’s Listerlin) earned his Senior Earthdog title today in Woodland, CA.  The Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods is hosting a three day, 4 event earthdog weekend, taking advantage of the Veterans’ Day holiday yesterday.  

To pass he was required to reach the quarry in 90 seconds having been released 20 feet from the tunnel entrance. The tunnel entrance is built up, so the dogs cannot see the entrance from the ground, but it is scented.  Underground there are 30 feet of liners with three right angled turns, a false exit and a false den.  The dogs have 15 seconds once they reach the quarry to start working, and must work for 90 seconds.  The rats are then removed, and the dog has 90 seconds to be recalled and back under the handler’s control.  

Madra passed yesterday afternoon with a 35 second recall, passed this morning with a 7 second(!) recall, and passed again this afternoon with a lazy 45 second recall!   We are still surprised but delighted that he passed his first three trials and will be moving to Master Earthdog tomorrow morning.  We’re not sure if he will fit through the 6 inch constriction, but if there are rats involved, we know he’ll certainly try his best Houdini impression! 

Mary Ainsworth’s Bucky tried Junior Earthdog.  He was a bit stubborn on removal, but incredibly enthusiastic to go down the tunnel!  Larry and Karen Nattrass’s Quinn is a wee prodigy – he is reaching the quarry and working hard in Junior.  We’re hoping to congratulate him tomorrow with his first qualification.  The Nattrass’s Molly is also excelling in Junior, she’s a bit slow getting in the tunnel (not unlike Madra!), but she works really hard.  So hard in fact that she destroyed two dowels today!  

The Glen of Imaal Terriers all worked so hard this weekend and were great ambassadors for our breed.  We’re so proud of them all.

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  1. Congratulations to Madra and his wonderful owners Lara and Eric! Madra was the Glen who attained his AKC Junior Earthdog title about a month ago as was reported on this blog. Now he joins an even more elite group of only 3 other Glens that have earned an AKC Senior Earthdog title in the 9 years that Glens have been eligible to participate in these tests.

    One of the differences between the Junior and Senior classes, besides the tunnel being more complex, is that the quarry is removed after the dog works for 90 seconds. The dog must then come out of the tunnel and this can be particularly difficult since the dogs do not want the “game” to end once they leave the earth. The recall simulates when the quarry bolts and the dog would leave the tunnel to join his master to continue hunting for an active den.

    My Glens hated the recall so I am particularly amazed that Madra had very quick recall times (7 seconds is almost unheard of with even small breeds). Qualifying the required 3 times in 3 straight tests is impressive. Well done to Madra! That SE is something to be proud of!

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