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Yes, nowadays going to Europe with dogs is no longer a problem. In January things will change again but in the meantime, do not think you have it sorted.

Arrive at Dover/Calais (P & O Ferries) and be promptly told by an officious type “We do not do dogs on a day trip. In 20 years I have never had a dog go in and out in a day so sorry, you can’t travel!!!”

So quoted DEFRA and was told that we would have to go to the Main Office and sort it out. The nice lady finally agreed by looking at computer and consulting supervisor and very closely checking the Pet Passports. Yes they meet the requirements, so in this case we can let you go across.

Worm /Tick requirements are at least 24hrs and not more than 48hrs before you comeback and they don’t like the loophole that some people use of having it done at the show. So if you are going abroad just check you get it done & it is on the passport before you go out or you may not get there.!!!!

Years of going in and out have made some dogpeople say “no problem” but just be warned that there ARE still some port people out there quite willing to say “Just a minute”. Also January is a change, and we told them, but the reaction was “what are you talking about?” If you are going abroad in the first part of 2012 make sure you have all the new regulations printed off the computer or else you might not be going


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  1. Hello.

    I hope someone can help me out a bit. We would love to get a Glen of Imaal but we live in France and I can’t seem to find anyone here with this breed. What are my options? Is it going to the UK by train or car? I just don’t know where to start. If someone knows a contact in France, I would really appreciate if you could pass my e-mail on to them. It is sam(ampersand)france-usa(dot)org. Thank you!


  2. Why not contact GOITA and EFG in the UK GOITAs secretary Mrs.Hardy can be contacted via the GOITA site and Mrs Rogers via the EFG site im sure they will both offer assistance.

    • Thank you so much! I just called and it looks like everything is going to work out just great. I really appreciate the advice.


  3. Yes its great news to hear about easier pet travelling through major ferry operators. Some won’t charge for taking pets but some charge while booking itself.

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