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Thanks for the suggestions that the EFG health pages could do a bit of updating; they have now been done. Whilst on the subject of health a few co-ordinators have been in touch after the recent Breed Health Co-ordinators Seminar. Glen of Imaal Association Co-ordinator Don Harley told the meeting that, after a Stud Dog & Brood Bitch owners meetings to which people had been invited, it had been decided that only Glens DNA tested and micro-chipped would be bred from. This is now incorporated in to the Code of Ethics and has been passed by the Kennel Club. That was the bit that impressed others there as they  had wanted to do this with their own breeds but the KC had said no as it was too restrictive. What was the Association’s secret?

From Don Harley: I realized  it was incorrect about brood bitches, and I believe that I said that  I would LIKE to see it in the code of ethics,but then when there are people making notes maybe I should  have spoken louder or more clearly.Therefore I would like the blog  to be corrected.

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  1. I was aware of the Stud Dog owners’ meeting back in March, although not permitted to attend, but I do not know anything about a Brood Bitch owners’ meeting …? Do you have any further details?

  2. Alison. people who was invited to the stud dog meeting had a stud dog.You have not got a stud dog therefore was not invited. as for brood bitches referr to the blog.GOITA code of ethics para: 15.

  3. Unfortunately the Stud Dog Meeting was restrictive to those owning a dog which had been used at stud. This created a rather limited meeting and gave owners of any future stud dogs no voice.
    That question has since been raised by some glen owners.
    Reference to Brood Bitches only came into the requirements at the meeting as to tthe action that should be taken by the recognised Stud Dog Owners,

  4. Clause 15 of the GOITA Code of Ethics reads, “All parents must be DNA tested unless heriditary clear of gPRA/crd3 (this DNA test is evidence only for the presence of gPRA/crd3). Owners of carrier/affected Glen of Imaal Terriers should agree to mate their dogs/bitches with heridtary clear or DNA tested clear dogs/bitches only. Owners of brood bitches should be encouraged to endorse all puppies not to be bred from until DNA tested for gPRA/crd3. This endorsement must be explained clearly to all prospective owners. It is recommended that all dogs should still be eye-tested periodically as a safeguard against further eye conditions. The above guide lines are in line with The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Recommended Breeding Policy.”

    This was unanimously voted for (subject to KC approval) at the GOITA AGM in June and now appears on the C of E page on the GOITA website :

    Please can you confirm whether or not this clause been approved by the Kennel Club?

    Thank you.

  5. Mrs Rogers the meeting was stated for stud dog owners only so it would be restrictive and anyone could have turned up saying they were considering using a Glen dog at stud in the future would that of made any sense !. Speaking for myself i thought it was a good meeting and was very constructive i again speaking personally fully support clause 15. Alison we will be explaining that with ALL new and prospective owners whether the kc says yes or no the dogs and their owners must come 1st that again is my own personal opinion. It is also time that some and i state some prospective buyers did a bit of homework on PRA and took a bit of personal responsibility and ask the questions ie is your dog tested etc.

  6. Mr Holmes, Yes I agree it was a good constuctive meeting. Homework on PRA and Breeding, would that have not been for; those considering breeding; the ideal time to understand where breeders are trying take the breed forward.

  7. The statement i made on homework on PRA i was aiming at new owners, a breed seminar on breeding that might well be constructive to see how the breed is doing, but on how to take the breed forward ?. Thier are a in the UK different breeders who have PRA and general health apart quite differing views on breeding and on how to take the breed forward and thats no bad thing variety is the spice of life. I wonder what could be achived though with some of the tottaly opposing views held by varying breeders on some aspects of the breed bar respecting each others views.

  8. I am confused about GOITA health coordinator Don Harley’s statement, “I believe that I said that I would LIKE to see it in the code of ethics” …..

    What would he like to see in the Code of Ethics?

    Please can he confirm that clause 15 of the GOITA Code of Ethics has been approved by the Kennel Club.

    Thank you.

  9. Perhaps I am becoming hard of hearing……

    I was sitting two or three rows behind Mr Harley, and I understood him to say that this clause had been agreed by the KC. He was questioned by two other delegates, both sitting in the same row as he was (from Skye terriers and Field Spaniels I understand) who both asked how the GOITA had managed to get that clause passed by the KC as their clubs had had similar requests turned down on the grounds that it was ‘too restrictive’ and he repeated that those attending the meeting were unanimous and that this was now part of the Code of Ethics as approved by the KC.

  10. Too restrictive….!
    In order to get a litter officialy registerd in Belgium.(born afther 2008)
    Both parents need to be chipped and …require a DNA passport. They also need a “LOSH certificate” meaning , they have to be ‘evaluated’ at least once by a Belgian breed judge, for carracter and …appearance ….and pass the tests! Even when we want to use a studdog from abroad ….DNA must be available ..before the mating. Pups get the mention “DNA certified” on their pedigree.
    Importing a dog wich is only “tattood” are… extra expences and…uncertified.
    Since DNA passes are required and held in a data base …It’s obvious that when older dogs where tested……….Codes of Ethics are a good thing but….checking is better.
    In France & Spain one of the prerogatives to recieve a champions title is….a DNA passport.
    Maybe this reality is the reason, why our concerns…and goals…are at a different level?

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