Whilst we’re thinking Health….

The Karlton Index is an independent work on the health of pedigree dogs. It’s findings are based purely on what can be found via the internet; in other words things that are openly available and discussed/talked about. After a lot of work all breeds are now included on it. The Glen of Imaal Terrier was one of the last to go up.

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  1. Alison i did read about her its says shes in consultancy i know 2 or 3 vets who are consultants i just wondered what her 1st hand knowledge of breeding livestock was and or genetics ?.

  2. I don’t think you need first hand knowledge of breeding livestock, or of genetics, in order to read through and assess the relevance of information supplied by a breed club to those who own – or are interested in owning – a particular breed. In fact the usefulness of the Karlton Index is that it ISN’T compiled by someone with a vested interest in dog breeding, either as a breeder, a vet or indeed a do-gooder of the animal welfare sort.

    I believe that Philippa became interested in the subject as a result of buying a puppy that developed health problems, and whilst the breeder was supportive, the breed club refused to acknowledge that this problem even existed in their breed.

    Consequently she developed a passion for ensuring that those who do spend their hard-earned money on a puppy are able to access accurate and extensive information. Rather a worthwhile project I would have thought.

    The whole point of the Karlton Index is that it is a ‘snapshot’ view of the conditions appertaining to a breed at one particular moment. Any changes, improvements, new tests, etc can be updated immediately, but it will only be when the next ‘snapshot’ is taken that the state of each breed cam be accurately noted and compared with others.


  3. Mrs.A its always interesting to know who compiles books,radio programmes,websites etc and why .I agree a worthwhile cause but i have found personally going and talking to people 1st hand and seeing the dogs and how they are kept and behave . Im not the biggest fan of the internet i prefare to meet,see and judge 1st hand and listen to people you can learn a hell of alot about a person by this method.

  4. I agree with you, Mr H. There is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face – even telephone conversations can give you a wrong impression. However, it is a fact – whether we like it or not – that the majority of people nowadays do ALL their initial research via the internet. Add to that the fact that the virtually all puppy buyers are not ‘stockmen’ in the sense that you and I would understand, and the sad fact is that these folk really wouldn’t know what to look for and even what questions to ask.

    Consequently any help they can get, from such as the Karlton Index, surely has to be a good thing?

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