Parish Notices

The Secretary of West Midlands Terrier advises, that due to the high entry of Glen of Imaal Terriers, the breed are no longer after Staffordshires. The suggestion for Glen exhibitors is to be in the car park by 10.00am which should give time for unloading etc.

The Glen Association Championship Show  is the day after and judging begins at midday. We know, via blog searches, that people are curious about the entry but secretary Anne Hardy says folk’ll have to wait until Sunday!

Anne says she remembers the conversation slightly differently, which is fair enough, so hopefully that’ll mean the figures will be out earlier next year so anybody wondering about travelling in the dark won’t have to trawl the internet looking.

2 thoughts on “Parish Notices

  1. We cannot go over the weekend we are both working but heres my guess for the club show 41 im not curious in the least for either but lets see what the curious people guess and lets see who gets closest.

  2. The weather is mild this year, so hopefully there won’t be the large number of absentees that the club show has suffered over two of the last three years.

    For the first time since the club was conferred championship status, our Glens are not entered at GOITA’s champ show.

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