2012 gallops along

Crufts and National Terrier have been online for ages but now Birmingham National is up! Terrier Day is Sunday May 13th and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge is Fran Kaye. For anybody filling in next year’s diary the judges already passed by the Kennel Club are:-

08/03/2012 Crufts Mrs Kathy A George

07/04/2012 National Terrier Club Mr W Browne-Cole

10/05/2012 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mrs Fran I Kaye

18/05/2012 Scottish Kennel Club Mr Donald Harley

25/05/2012  Bath   Mrs Eileen Foy

27/07/2012 Leeds City & District Canine Association Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross

14/09/2012 Darlington Dog Show Society Mr Paul Wilkinson

29/09/2012 Belfast Dog Show Society Mr Robert M Cross

12/10/2012 South Wales Kennel Association Mr Harold Gay

01/12/2012 Glen of Imaal Association Mrs F Somerfield

6 thoughts on “2012 gallops along

  1. Bath Show 25th May -Eileen Foy you missed out the only southern show Liz you northerners tut hhh.

    • Steve, I grovel my apologies. I broke the first rule of writing & didn’t research properly. Just relied on what the KC send direct. Main post amended!

    • Maggie has Skyes and first judged Glens in 198…..I’ll have to check. She last judged at E of E in 2010

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