This question may be a surprise to some!

The “difficult or awkward” questions sent for discussion have certainly been varied & caused fingers to hit keyboards. Today’s may do the same.

“I don’t hear it spoken about too often but I think many of us aren’t sure if taping (of ears) is commonplace—what are the pros and cons—should we be taping at all—how do you tape?????”

For folk who aren’t aware of the practice taping (or gluing) of ears of Glen of Imaal Terriers is done to give desired carriage and/or placement.

7 thoughts on “This question may be a surprise to some!

  1. My god if people are taping dogs ears its says small rose or semi prick in my opinionthe smaller the better .Thiers nothing as bad a a glen with full ears again this was for a purpose some they dont get torn off or give the quarry something to get hold off.

  2. Can’t believe people are taping ears, so so wrong!
    Woody, a interesting point you make about the Stafford as my Glen, who can pin her ears right back in to her skull when in response, has exactly the same folds of skin at the base of her ears as Staffords do, for the reasons Stephen has pointed out.

    • My glendog has half-prick ears and also has that extra layer of cartilage where the ear joins the skull.
      I already had noticed it since i had him. I did look for that feature on other glens on occasion…a lot of them have it. To me…taping ears is also a way to fool judges and prospective breeders….

  3. ipersonally have never tampered with ears, most of the dogs i have had over the years have had good ear carriage, i have the occasional one who has a perfect one and one a bit lower but i find it quite a character feature! i am quite thrilled that inki and her mum rags have the perfect ‘rose ears’.kathy george

    • Kathy,
      It would be a good refference to all of us to publish some close-ups of perfect rose ears and perfect half-prick ears.

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