As we were asked (what a surprise)….

Yesterday saw quite a few requests come in & obviously we always try to oblige. Basically, condensed & re-written, they all said the same thing “where on earth did the fad (a ruder word was used) for ears stuck on top of the head come from?” It’s a good question and the photographs below make it even more pertinent. Two of these were taken in the first two years of the recognition of the Glen of Imaal Terrier by the Irish Kennel Club (34 & 35), so these are dogs that performed for a living, not show bred specimens and the higher ear is definately in the minority. Whilst looking at the photos you might notice the length of leg these dogs have but shall we do that next week?


15 thoughts on “As we were asked (what a surprise)….

  1. Liz can you put up the pictures of Fearless Dan, Mick the Miller and Tinahely Lad they are alot closer up and show these great 3 of well.

  2. Its funny Liz but the only dual champions were shorter in the leg Pride of the Valleys and Fearless Dan the pride is being held in the 1933 photograph . So come on Liz lets see the photos of Fearless.Mick and Tinahely Lad not these select photos lets see the photos of the best not just a few to justify your viewpoint .

  3. Come on Liz lets see the photos of the dual champions and Tinahely Lad and Mick the Miller all short in the leg with large heads but counter to your opinion so come lets see the other photographs and lets see all the facts not just to justify the type of glen you push and like.

    • Fearless Dan is the dog being held by the child with the wellington boot’s.
      There is a beautiful dog in Ireland by the name of December Dawn who i think resembeles Dan very much.

  4. Fearless Dan one of the only two dual champions are real dog he sired Tinahely lad and he sired Mick the Miller . Fearless Dan was Owned by Frank Fallon and thats his daughter in the picture.

  5. Stephen

    According to the Glen of Eden database:

    Tinahely Lad [born 20 Aug ’51] sired Fearless Dan [born 01 Jan ’55], not as you state above.

  6. Glen Fearless Dan was a dual champion both show and work and Tinahely lad was a champion worker and won at champ level but was not a champion.

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