“Of The Year” (2011)

The “Of The Year” results are now coming out. In Glen of Imaal Terriers Top Stud is Donvaleset Black Velvet (Jeonty Tinker Boy Murphy at Brockland-Monavoth Girl Among Donvaleset) & Top Brood Bitch Brocklands Brenna Anne (Gingers Fashion By Malsville-Jeonty Gold Leader at Brockland). Congratulations.

For pedigree/breed history buffs those two results are interesting. The two awards are from different animals winning CCs as Black Velvet & Brenna Anne never had a litter together. Black Velvet is the first Glen to get the award purely from a non resident address. (Malsville Soldier Blue won the award twice after moving to America but that was for dogs sired before he left.) Brenna Anne’s sire-Fashion- is also Black Velvet’s grandsire via Tinker  Boy Murphy and he was the grandsire of Soldier Blue via his sire Little Soldier. 

So a dog has influence…why is it particularly interesting? Fashion was imported from Germany on his pedigree alone and was not exhibited!

3 thoughts on ““Of The Year” (2011)

  1. It may also interest people the grand dam of Black Velvet,Anies Pet owned by Sean Lawlor of Rathvilly a lovely wheaten bitch who has bred some good game dogs shes still alive and doing well. The grand sire Bruce owned by Paddy Brennan Jnr a strong wheaten dog again still alive and doing well. I wonder i know TBM is dead are any of the the other granparents alive ?.

  2. Congratulations to Top Stud Donvaleset Black Velvet. Daughter Piper is doing well in the states, winning BOS at 2011 Westminster and 2011 Eukanuba. Grandson Floyd was top stud dog at 2011 Montgomery. Congratulations also to Brenna Anne.

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