6 thoughts on “It’s a Boxing Day tradition

  1. Please go and support your local hunt and show the anti brigade we are not going away and hunting goes on .

  2. Dirk a good film it just shows what can happen when looks become everything thank god for the likes of the International sheepdog breeders society “Motto Brains before beauty” dogs bred to work. The Masters of foxhound,beagle,basset and harrier just look at the show basset and working bassets and the beagle not as bad but preety useless. As for terriers yorkies,skye,etc etc tottally useless and then the english kennel club say fit for function change the glen standard against the wishes of every working glenman i know. We wrote letters explaining are point of view asking to speak to a panel of “experts” who were not named and wouldnt give thier reasons the KC fit for function campaign dont make me laugh.

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  4. I always said the Neo was terribly unhealthy looking, some Ive seen in the show ring have troule walking, the Bassets in this vid are horrendous, I enjoy showing but my god theres a limit.

  5. We unintentionally ‘joined’ the Bedale hunt a week before Christmas. They’d met in our village the week before so thought we were OK to go for our usual walk up the lane and it was dusk. WRONG (They must have enjoyed the refreshments at the hall and came back for more!) We soon met Alan with his gun dogs who asked “what are your lot like with the hunt as they are all behind me!” Sure enough we were soon engulphed by the whole hunt, our lane is narrow with passing places. The hounds had perfect manners as did Orlagh & Emer. I tucked Orlagh behind me as being blind she could feel threatened, daughter Emer had fun sniffing noses with the all the hounds, well after all she did come into season on Christmas Day! One huntsman remarked that I had my hands full and I just smiled sweetly feeling SO relieved that I had the oldies with me and NOT Lisha & Connor!

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