The last one for 2011

2011 has been quite a year on here. Thank you to the hundreds (literally) who turn in every day; it’s appreciated you take the time. Ideas are already formulating for 2012 and, by request of Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts & Fanciers, the first one is already in motion. This is number one of what will be a quarterly update. We’ve always gone with what has been wanted so as it’s been missed it is now back!

2011 finishes with a late Christmas card from a Glen owner. Her boy doesn’t want to go walking much anymore and obviously age is now starting to catch up with him but he is still great. The sort of thing we all want to receive but this lad is rather special as he was seventeen and a half years old on the ninth of December. Keep on going Spector! And for the final thing before starting again in 2012 for just a few days before the winter shutdown…………..think back to  December 15th and dog A, the puppy that was declared (by some) a full drop. That puppy is no longer a baby and his ears are half prick. Happy New Year Folks!!


7 thoughts on “The last one for 2011

  1. My hopes for 2012 in dog breeding & showing…….
    back to basics….conformity to breed standard, health & fit for function.

    • Don’t they have Aussie Shepherds or Border Collies where they are? Those breeds are bred to heard cows. These have a Glen-like head, but the body of a Shepherd and long legs.

  2. HA! I guessed right about “A” because the ears were partway up and not lying flat against the head. Guess I had good instruction about hound ears..

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