‘ear, ‘ear

Below are photographs sent in to illustrate Glen of Imaal Terriers ears and earset. Thank you for taking the time. Comments are welcome (each photo has a letter of the alphabet).

Ear we go again

Last Thursday the “difficult or awkward”  question of the day evoked some comment. One suggestion made was pictures of ears should appear on here for discussion. Over the weekend some were sent so would anybody care to send more? If your skills aren’t quite up to cropping of photographs etc. don’t worry. It can be done and no Glen of Imaal Terrier will be identified by name.

Glens are still out & about!

Only two weeks until Christmas but some dedicated Glen of Imaal Terrier owners are still out in the show ring. In the Netherlands Laiquendi’s Jillian Yanna Maywen, born 01-07-2009 enjoys showing and received 1 Excellent/CAC/CACIB/ BOB at Wijchen. After 7 hours of waiting she had to join the Terrier group Ring of Honour in which she showed how a Glen can also (mis)behave. She even kissed judge Mr. Th. v.d. Horst on the forehead! Luckily Mr. Van der Horst could appreciate Glen-affection

At the Nordic Winners in Sweden the very successful Gleann brother & sister, Ode & Organ, added more awards to their tally with BOB & BOS.

Welsh Kennel Club 2011 critique

Glen of Imaal Terriers

PGD: 1) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. Masculine balanced head with powerful foreface, strong neck, good body length to height, good front action, active on the move, holds correct topline, well muscled rear. 2) Amhard Freebooter. Bbalanced head of good width, strong neck, good bone & feet, good length, also has a good topcoat, good front action but winner driving better from rear. 3) Pajantick Jimmy Mac.

LD: 1) Jeonty Wanabee Bauer. Masculine head with good eye, strong muzzle, strong good sized teeth, moderate neck, good rib & body length, correct topline, good breed type & active free mover. Res CC. 2) Romainville Typhoon. Balanced head with good muzzle, well placed ears & good sized teeth, good bone & body, strong neck, good legs & feet. 3) Donvaleset Rebus.

OD: 1) Romainville Bodhran. Masculine balanced head with strong muzzle, well placed ears, strong neck, good bone & body depth, very good topline, strong loin, well muscled, active free mover, presented in good coat & conddition. CC & BOB. 2) Amhard Damson Sauce. Good head & expression, dark eye & well placed ears, moderate length of neck, good bone & body of good depth, holds good outline & well presented.

JB: 1) Winnie Wanna Make Music By Jeonty. Feminine head with good width & strong muzzle, good teeth, strong neck, good bone & good depth, good topline & length, good rump & holds good topline, good coat & texture, well muscled & active mover. 2) Romainville Inki. Good head & muzzle, good eye & expression, moderate neck & good body shape, good bone & topline, well presented. 3) Roaminville Kyla.

PGB: 1) Roaminville Lily. Feminine balanced head with strong muzzle, well placed ears, good neck, good bone & body length, held good outline & has strong loin. Well presented && moved freely. 2) Amhard Feeling So Cool. Balanced head with dark eye, good breed type & free mover with good front action, not quite the strength & drive of winner, well presented. 3) Romainville Tigan.

LB: 1) Jeonty Maybe Daysee. Feminine balanced head with good stop & strong muzzle, well placed ears, good neck & depth of body, good bbone & strong body, holds good outline on free active movement, stands on good feet, well presented in good coat of good ttexture & condition. CC. 2) Romainville Ali Oop. A balanced mature bitch of good breed type, feminine head with good strength & good expression, good bone & body shape, good front action & active, presented in good coat.

OB: 1) Brockland Belle Bregorrey. Feminine head, good stop & muzzle, strong neck, good bone & good depth, strong body, good topline, shorter cast than CC bbut in good coat & condition, moved freely. Res CC.

Tom H Johnston (Judge)

This question may be a surprise to some!

The “difficult or awkward” questions sent for discussion have certainly been varied & caused fingers to hit keyboards. Today’s may do the same.

“I don’t hear it spoken about too often but I think many of us aren’t sure if taping (of ears) is commonplace—what are the pros and cons—should we be taping at all—how do you tape?????”

For folk who aren’t aware of the practice taping (or gluing) of ears of Glen of Imaal Terriers is done to give desired carriage and/or placement.

2012 gallops along

Crufts and National Terrier have been online for ages but now Birmingham National is up! Terrier Day is Sunday May 13th and the Glen of Imaal Terrier judge is Fran Kaye. For anybody filling in next year’s diary the judges already passed by the Kennel Club are:-

08/03/2012 Crufts Mrs Kathy A George

07/04/2012 National Terrier Club Mr W Browne-Cole

10/05/2012 Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd Mrs Fran I Kaye

18/05/2012 Scottish Kennel Club Mr Donald Harley

25/05/2012  Bath   Mrs Eileen Foy

27/07/2012 Leeds City & District Canine Association Mrs Margaret MacDonald-Cross

14/09/2012 Darlington Dog Show Society Mr Paul Wilkinson

29/09/2012 Belfast Dog Show Society Mr Robert M Cross

12/10/2012 South Wales Kennel Association Mr Harold Gay

01/12/2012 Glen of Imaal Association Mrs F Somerfield

Could we do it?

At the end of October nostalgia was the order of the day. The fault was Peter Bakewell’s as his West Midland’s critique from 1984 (42 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered) had reduced us all to a heap of fond remembrance so when the suggestion of “shall we……..” was made the reply had to be “why not!” Having good ideas is a great thing but in the cold light of day 6 weeks later would it just be a flop?

Getting stopped on the way into the hall to be complemented on the terrific Glen entry gives hope. A further three stops before the ring is even reached for “My God, you’ve got 10 in Open”, “Have you seen your entry!” and “10, when did Glens last pull 10 in Open?” says things are probably going to be all right……and they were. There was a full entry without one absentee and crates were stacked as they used to be; basement and penthouse. One of the nicest things was they way, as the food, drink, tablecloths and even a Christmas tree came out, other exhibitors came to say how much we had all been missed. It was asked if we would be at LKA (sorry, no classes), what shows we’d be at in 2012 (too early for decisions yet) and was that THE bread pudding? It has even been subsequently learnt that the Glen entry at West Midlands was actually in the conversation at  Lancashire Sporting Terrier the day after.

So the answer to the question of “could we do it?” has to be “yes we could!” Shall we do it again?

An email just in: How come no results with such an entry? As always, it is ask and it’ll be done (within reason of course!). Best of Breed was Jeonty Wannabe Bauer with RBOB to Int/Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad

December but shows continue

The Helsinki Winners weekend saw a good couple of days for the Gleann Kennel. Best of Breed on the Saturday (17 Glens) was Gleann Ode with BOS  Irish Rover’s Sir Brendan Behan. Best of Breed on the Sunday was Ode’s brother, Organ, and BOS Gleann Queen Size Girl.

The Glen of Imaal Association Show (40 Glens), as it’s the local event, is a great place to catch up with the gossip and create some new.  Judge Ro Whinn-Sladden (over from France) introduced Hugh, her new husband, put says she will still be W-S rather than Perry. At the behest of the Secretary the cake gets a mention-yes, the carrot cake was excellent. Ro judged a family event with BIS going to Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, BOS to half brother Ch Beatrix’s Boy With Windarra From Donvaleset. Reserve Bitch to, Beatrix’s Boy grandaughter, Ch Donvaleset Brier and Reserve Dog to (another half brother) Multi Ch Abberann Conan. Best Puppy went to 6 month old Amhard Ginger Snap.


Autumn registration figures

The Autumn edition of the Breed Record Supplement lists 5 litters and 33 puppies for Glen of Imaal Terriers. We are aware of (at least) 2 litters born in the period covered that haven’t been registered yet and there are young whelps currently on the ground and litters expected over the next few weeks. Some more popular breeds may gasp at the “low number” but there is only a very limited market for Glens and breeders generally are well aware of this.