“Hattie” who is she?

This is “Hattie”. She was picked up as a stray in the North West, taken to the RSPCA and when not claimed after 7 days transferred to Dog’s Trust, Merseyside. She was listed as a crossbreed until a Wheaten owner volunteer saw her and said “no way, it’s a Glen of Imaal Terrier”.

Hattie is a mature bitch who could be a veteran. She has probably had puppies (maybe recently) and like many Glen ladies is highly intolerant of her own sex. She is docked.

You know your own animals so does she instantly remind you of one of your own? Do you remember if any of your pups went up to the Liverpool area? Does anybody know if there were any unregistered/cross litters in that area last summer? As it’s Liverpool did anybody in Ireland get an English bitch over for mating & remember the details?

Finally will anybody give her a home? She has been in kennels since early November and is fine with people but is considered not suitable to live with other dogs. As she is an older animal the Dog’s Trust will pay for any¬† medical bills that may crop up.