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  1. Liz i was taught that story as a boy “look in the mirror” and we learn something new everyday be it Sheep,racing pigeons etc people who keep in breeding in the belief thier line is best and will not open thier eyes eventually go backwards. A very very good article which we all need to follow in breeding racing pigeons it is proved by performance the same with farm livestock but with animals judged on looks alone not so to anything like the same degree.

    • I’ve often thought kennel blindness has applied to breeders who like the oversized dogs, judge’s are guilty of this also, especially in the Glen world.

  2. Many successful breeders who have had past super stars are usually looking for their next big winner. They may be more prone to over-looking faults in their animals.

    This assessment rings a clear bell with me. And the obvious “fault” repeats in subsequent litters and still isn’t acknowledged.

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