Have we been missed?

TThings are beginning to happen again (besides the ice and snow) so let’s begin blogging again for a new season. It’s great that an average of 40 people a day have still checked in on here whilst we were “closed” for the winter so we seem to have been thought about! The news of wins, new titles (show and working) indicates how dedicated some of our Glen of Imaal Terrier people are as they keep travelling out and about through the dark days of January and February. Well done to all of you. A couple of Glens left their people for the longest walk of their lives in the previous few months. Our sympathies to them but they can be assured that they aren’t alone; the eternal Glen family were waiting.

Your news, views, gossip and anything you feel may be of interest are, as usual, always welcome and very appreciated. YOU make this blog what it is. Open Shows don’t usually get much of a mention but West Midlands Terrier deserve to. Often you wait weeks for any news but West Mids manage to put many to shame; their show was last Saturday and their website already has the pictures up!

6 thoughts on “Have we been missed?

  1. A big thank you to Max King for stepping in at the last min for me at West Midland Terrier on Sat. I was devastated not to be able to judge on Saturday, but a sequence of events led to us with no transport and no way of getting there. That coupled with the loss of Scarlett on Tuesday just made it impossible.

    I did try and get a message out to as many people as possible.

    Thanks to everyone for their understanding and well done to Cresta on your best of breed.


  2. Im sorry about losing your bitch and not making the show Nicki in the end only about 2 glens made it one of those weekends were everything went wrong. On Knockroe Big Boys death that was\a great loss to the breed he was the best wheaten male ive seen in a long while at least hes left some youngsters about.

  3. Yes, Sorry we never got to West Mids. It was a good entry of 8 for the time of year and then the weather struck. We were -14 /Freezing Fog and Black Ice. Looked lovely for the photographers that is of course if they could see beyond the few feet distance.
    Such a shame for our stand in judge but well done Woody for flying the flag.
    Sad time for Nicki and family our thoughts were with you.

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