Goodbye is such a hard word.

It doesn’t mattter what age or circumstance it is always so hard to say goodbye. Knockroe Big Boy was 9, for some breeds a good age but for a Glen of Imaal Terrier only just past his  prime, Scarlett Ribbon 12 and Glenbrows Orlagh of Kirikee a well respected 15 but all three recently gone and all three leaving such a hole in the lives of their families. Clyde, Scarlett and Orlagh, you were  known and you were loved. No dog can ask or ever hope for a higher tribute. The breed salutes its own.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye is such a hard word.

  1. The only comforting thing about losing a great dog is reflecting on the legacy they leave behind. One of Clyde’s son’s sits at my feet- I’m so sorry there won’t be the chance for another one. We’ll miss all three of you: Clyde, Scarlett and Orlagh.

  2. Thanks to everyone who has sent us their kind thoughts on Orlagh’s passing. The Quinn home is still rather quiet as Orlagh was so vocal, always enjoying a ‘conversation’. We are still adjusting to thinking in threes instead of fours!

    Ann & Noel

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