Too many together.

Last week all Glen of Imaal Terrier people celebrated the life (and leaving) of Clyde, Scarlett & Orlagh; all three a respectable age and all three very missed. Last Friday another Glen joined their walk when the beautiful 16 year old Tate picked up his lead for the last time. Coleraine’s Little Man Tate ( are there any other Erik children still alive?) was the definitive Glen for many who knew him. He enriches our eternal family.

2 thoughts on “Too many together.

  1. Tate was a lovely dog and made a lasting impression on all of us who were lucky enough to have met him.

  2. David, Freddie and I had the pleasure of meeting Tate at his home, as well as at a few shows when we were in the US. He was a beautiful Glen with a lovely temperament. What a welcome we received from him when we came to visit him at home! Peg … our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Ali x

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