What were your 2011 figures?

A few years ago  a sloppy reporter, aided by a sloppy Kennel Club, wrote a piece on Glen of Imaal Terriers that did the breed a lot of harm in the UK. The (now) infamous “Rare As Giant Panda” headline was stupid, totally wrong. Glen people worldwide knew that the breed had never been so numerous and their sending of registration numbers etc. plus the Kennel Club finally acknowledging that their figures were totally out of context, led to the BBC removing the article from their website. How are things doing now though? 

As it’s late February many of the offficial registries of the world will be bringing out the 2011 figures. The KC record 67 Glens for last year and there is at least one litter tthat was born too late to make those figures. This puts us ahead of Cesky, Australians, Skyes and Sealyhams so we aren’t that bad. What did other countries register?