Two films that should get more media coverage

BBC 4 is running a dog week on their channel. Some programmes are excellent like Ice Dogs with Benedict Allen but others are not of such a standard. There are a couple of productions that should have been shown but you have to have the right connections these days. Have a look here and here; if you approve pass them onto your friends and family for them to look at.

2 thoughts on “Two films that should get more media coverage

  1. deafening silence !………….. But the RUFUS money is well spend. Thank you KC.

    Key words:
    good quality breeders, work together, assured breeder sceem, lack of legal support……have to work by influance & negotiation.
    It’s not them, it’s……

  2. A healthy future an interesting film i have met Steve Dean hes a good chap but and hes wasnt in charge at the time the Glen standard was changed with precious little consultation. I know of 10 people who objected in the UK ,GOITA, the sporting club of Ireland objected and i think The Irish Glen of imaal KC club objected. The Sporting club and at least 7 UK owners objected on fit for function and the response virtually nothing. Nobody knows the individuals on the committee who put this forward or why the KC kept silent. Thats hardly working with the breeders it smacked of treating them with contempt until the kc tells me why they changed our standard i will treat what they say with extreme cauntion.

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