Well a lot know anyway…..

Honestly, there is planning (sort of) to all this. The intention was to get National Terrier out of  the way and then officially announce the EFG Companion Show and Funday 2012 on July 14th in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Obviously arrangements are well under way-which is how come a lot of people already know-but the best laid plans of blog writers and club secretaries etc…..

The Supreme Inn were people have stayed in previous years is fast booking up and have notified us that they only have nine rooms left. If anybody is intending to stay there please give them a ring as soon as possible and ask for the £45.00 rate as agreed with Jean Rogers EFG. This rate is available to anybody not just Glen of Imaal Terrier owners.

By the way if you thought we’d missed a day on the 28th March you aren’t  one of the 67 who follow the blog daily and so get updates direct to their phone, computer or laptop. They received the posting and so didn’t realise it had got caught in the time space continuim and dropped into the machine for March 24th, 4 days earlier! Nobody has a clue how this happened but you do need to have a look back at the “Important News” if you missed it. Oh yes, if attending National Terrier with a Glen don’t forget a crate card to write the bench number on.

Today’s blog will need to be read with paper and pencil to hand!

Mate Select is an online “breeding tool” developed by the Kennel Club. The idea is that coefficients of inbreeding (COI) can be determined for animals on their extensive database and lower COI means a better mating-for want of a more suitable phrase.

It is an excellent idea in principle but for some breeds it just doesn’t give a true figure and Glen of Imaal Terriers fall into this category due to the number of imports within the breed and the vagueness of some of the early pedigrees. We realise the KC have been asked about it and assurances given that there was no problem with Mate Select and there isn’t; as long as it is realised the Glen figures aren’t exactly 100% reliable.

As this is the EFG blog Princess Leia of Jeonty (an outstanding brood bitch that figures in many pedigrees) and bred by Jean Rogers is a good example. Leia has, according to the KC website, a COI of 10.3 which isn’t a bad figure until you check it further. Her sire is recorded at 0.0% due to the “insufficient data” sign on his sire and dam and Leia’s dam also gets the “insufficient data” tag. Where exactly has the 10.3 come from? Is it that “insufficient” gives some data and all the data (eventually) gives a figure but how many generations are needed? Leia’s dam has 5 generations of UK bred and registered Glens behind her and the bulk of those come up as “insufficient” except one that has a 13.1 COI even though his sire is “insufficient” and his dam is 3.1 (from insufficient of course). Yes, before you ask the offspring of the 13.1 ancestor are “insufficient”.

Also if looking for a stud dog have a squint at the right hand side of the KC page. On there will be how the calculation for that particular animal has been arrived at i.e. 7 generations with 3 being complete. If another dog viewed has 8 generations with 3 being complete the figures are going to be different as you aren’t comparing like with like.

As was said at the start of this; Mate Select is a good idea but remember it isn’t gospel!

Is this the summer?

As the good weather is enjoyed are you thinkinng about extending the excercise of your Glen of Imaal Terrier (or any dog)? This is a useful site for anybody thinking of getting rid of any excess pounds from the winter, human and canine! If anybody else finds things like this just send  them along-we’ll be pleased to include them.

Crufts 2012 Critique

GLEN OF IMAAL TERRIERS: I would like to thank the Crufts committee for the honour of judging such a prestigious show. Also the exhibitors, some of whom had travelled from Germany, Finland and Ireland. I do feel that the breed has started to lose some of the characteristics valued by breeders who have had the breed for many years. Some dogs have lost the powerful jaw and foreface necessary for them to do the job they were bred for. Also the powerful drive from behind is not so effective if the shoulder and upper arm placement is incorrect as the dog is pushed from behind and cannot reach out in front giving a jarring movement. We are getting some very upright shoulders and short upper arm placements which make the front legs look too short giving an unbalanced look. Whilst the standard calls for ‘a short legged’ dog, extremes in anything are undesirable and my placings reflected this. Mouths are greatly improved and I only found two suspect mouths.I feel that breeders and judges are the custodians of the breed and it is up to us to deal with problems as they appear not to follow a fashion whatever it may be. BOBCh & Int C Brockland Brayhead Lad. Res Dog CC Whites Ch/Ir/Am/Sw/ Ch Abberann Conan. Best Bitch CC Ch Donvaleset Brier. Res Bitch CC Int Ch Spirit of Ireland Ashanti. Best Puppy Amhard Ginger Snap

Veteran 1/ Welch’s Ch & Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad 7 year blue male. A dog I have judged before but now fully mature, presented in excellent condition and a credit to his owner. Good head and expression, correct ear set and a strong powerful jaw. He has a correct neck into good shoulders and upper arm. Correct topline and good hindquarter and correct length of leg which makes for a good natural movement and he is sound. He stood well and moved with purpose having a good ring presence. A worthy CC winner and BOB 2/Subans Fin/SE/Dk/Ee/Pl Ch Mimoksen Pohjan Kruunu 9 ½ years male, blue with good head and expression. His mouth was not as good as 1st dog and he was a smaller dog overall. He had good angles all round and moved well, being sound. His coat was not as well grown as 1st dog.

Post Grad 1/Frasers Kirikee C eltic Warrior Blue male of good substance for a young dog of not yet 2 years. Strong head and jaw with correct ear set and correct neck. Good shoulder and upper arm placement with correct topline. Sound with good movement. 2/ Kaskela Abberann Bearnard Nearly two years blue male, of smaller type than one and shorter in body. Good head and expression, neck correct and good angles front and rear. Sound with excellent movement. 3/ Quinn’s Kirikee Ronan O’Gara blue male and brother to 1st dog. I would have considered him for 1st place but he seemed upset by the camera flashes and did not really settle at all especially on the move, but could not be denied his place because of his good construction. Good head and expression slightly longer in body than 1. Correct neck and correct shoulder and upper arm, with good topline and hindquarters. Sound in movement but needs more confidence.

Limit 1/Hadley’s Donvaleset Rebus blue male of 5 years of age. With a little more attention to preparation he should attain top honours as his movement is excellent. He has a good head and expression and correct ear set. Correct neck into good shoulders with good topline and hindquarters. Sound with very good movement. He moves with very positive drive from the hindquarter sadly lacking in some Glens now. 2/ Rogers Jeonty Wannabee Baur 3 years wheaten male. Head is good but not as good as 1st dogs’. The front assembly could be better, his topline is otherwise ok, but with a nick behind the wither which would not be as obvious if he were in full coat. He has good hindquarter but not as positive in movement as 1st. 3/ Whites Abberann Karl 20 months blue male smaller made than the first two dogs. Good head and expression, shoulder a bit forward, topline good, hindquarters good and moved with positive drive behind. Sound.

Open 1/ Whites Ch/Ir/Am/Sw Ch Abberann Conan 6 years blue male. Good broad head with good expression into correct neck and topline. His shoulder is good, but upper arm could be longer and good hindquarters. He does not have such a good front leg as my CC winner which just tipped the balance but otherwise an excellent dog. He is sound with good movement. Well deserved Res CC 2/ Scheinhardt and Engels Int Ch Spirit of Ireland Angel 4 ½ yrs blue male with good head and expression. Correct neck, topline and hindquarters. Correct shoulder sound with good movement but not as good movement as my 1st dog. 3/ Subans Int/Fl/Se/Ee/No Ch Jeonty Flown Finnair 4 years Red wheaten male with good head and shoulder, correct topline and hindquarter Sound with good movement. There was a fourth Int ch in this class and this really was a good class full of quality dogs.

Puppy Bitch 1/Hardy’s Amhard Ginger Snap 9 months red wheaten female. Good head could have a slightly better stop. Good ear carriage, correct shoulder and topline with good hindquarters. Sound moves well when she decides too!! She just needs more experience and was a bit overwhelmed by the proceedings. Best Puppy

Junior 1/ Suttons Bailielands Leanbh Orga 18 months wheaten with good head and expression. Would like to see a stronger depth of jaw, correct ear set. Good shoulder and topline good hindquarters. She is sound and moves well.

Limit 1/Sealeys Grizzlemarsh Cassie 4 ½ years red wheaten bitch with good head and expression. Correct neck and shoulder into good topline, with good hindquarters. Sound with good movement. 2/Baldocks Jeonty Maybe Daisy 3 ½ wheaten bitch. Good head and expression, but not as strong in head as 1st bitch and she is shorter in neck. The shoulder is slightly forward placed. Good body and hindquarters, sound and moves well.

Open 1/ Harleys Ch Donvaleset Brier 4 years red wheaten with good head and expression. Would like a slightly shorter muzzle. Correct neck and good shoulders and hindquarter. She has a good topline and is sound with good movement. Well presented, but in the challenge just lost a bit of her sparkle. CC bitch 2/Coles Int Spirit of Ireland Ashanti. 4 years red wheaten Good head and expression but ear carriage could be better. Good front angles into good topline and hindquarters. Sound with very good movement, well deserved Res CC 3/Whites Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Enya Red wheaten with good head and expression. Correct neck, shoulder good but upper arm a little short which makes the front legs appear shorter. Topline is correct with good hindquarter. Sound and moves out well but the front reach is a little restricted. There were half a dozen good champions in this class which was full of quality

Kathy George (Judge)

Now it seems to be Ireland’s turn…

A while ago Glen of Imaal Terrier people in the UK suffered from their “Giant Panda”moment-media coverage that gave some people ideas that weren’t exactly to the advantage of the breed. Reports are coming in that the coverage of Glens on the Late Late Show are having the same effect across the Irish Sea. Adverts for puppies now have “as seen on….” after them. Hope it doesn’t cause quite the problems it did in the UK!

We’ll try…

The recent discussions on cost has led to the suggestion coming in of actually comparing various years to see if entries do drop on the expensive shows. It’s a good idea so we’ll see what we can do. National Terrier 2012 entries were announced on Tuesday and there were 30 Glen of Imaal Terriers entered for judge Bill Browne-Cole. This compares with 15 in 2011, 24 in 2010 & 32 in 2009 so the entry is excellent. NT though didn’t do the sneaky.

Birmingham National (online) closes tomorrow (22nd)

Tomorrow Birmingham National online entries close and, with no dis respect to the judge of the day, hopefully any Glen of Imaal Terrier person entering will have done it via snail mail and the earlier closing a fortnight ago. Why the support for old fashioned suddenly? Birmingham have stuck £2.00 extra an entry on the online price taking it up to a mind-boggling £28.00. Computer entries are sitting at a machine and hitting the relevant key; no lengthy writing, no having to get help to read scribbled forms, it’s easy so what are the National Committee thinking of?

Things haven’t really changed in the economy since last year but the big difference is that this year everybody is aware they are going to have to balance their personal books very carefully. Any Society that can do anything to help the exhibitor costs will probably get support but ones that give an unseeming price hike…..forget it should be the order of the day. The logic of “we aren’t getting the entries  so will charge more to cover costs” just isn’t the order of the day anymore!

Yes, we do know about them

Thank you to the people who have let Glen Services know about the litter of cross bred Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies currently advertised. We have been in touch but our assistance is not needed as they have a lot of people wanting to give “the adorable babies” a home. This now makes two cross-bred litters in two months and in both instances the dam was the Glen. Where are these bitches coming from?

Celtic Winners

The Irish Celtic Winners show will always be St Patrick’s Day to some of us. Glen of Imaal Terrier Best of Breed was Abberann Karl with Best Bitch being awarded to Ch/Ir Ch Abberann Ennya. Karl then went onto Group 4 so congratulations to the Whites. Ch Finnabair Song O’ My Heart has been placed in a Group in the US already this year but is Karl the first in Europe for 2012?