Crufts is dogs and people and boy there were a lot of Glen of Imaal Terrier people, both past & present, wanting to say hello. Crufts being Crufts though a lot of the greetings are done by a wave across the ring or a quick hello as you pass en-route to somewhere else but it was great to see you all. Germany, America, Netherlands, Spain, Korea (didn’t know the gospel of Glendom had spread to there), Russia and Italy all came to clasp hands and in many cases have something to eat.

Thank you to everybody you contributed food to the bring and share, it’s so much cheaper than NEC food and far friendlier. It’s done every year so make the note in the diary now. Pride of place has to go to the magnificent Richard and Nicki engagement cake, a chocoholic dream in three flavours. Whilst the exhibiting, gossipping, shopping, celebrating and noise was going on Stephen Holmes was making the early quiet journey home. Whilst ringside he had the call to say his mother-in-law had died. Whilst the congratulations are still flowing we remember sympathies for Steve & Jan.