4 thoughts on “Last chance for National Terrier

  1. Is thier any surprise why less people will show £23 plus entry fees £1.45p per litre fuel and then time off work yes bringing your own food and drink saves money. Then somebody to do your animals at home before and after and if you live south of birmingham or out on a limb east or west the costs are prohibitive. I think this year will bring lower entries except from the diehard show people and people who are retired and that does the breed no favours at all people simply cannot afford it or justify it.
    Is it any wonder the shows are reopening entries why not have 3 or 2 day shows as the showgrounds are empty after 1400 later classes adepting to survive.

  2. I’ve just paid £28.00 (an additional £2.00 over and above the catalogue fee) for a first entry to a champ show with CC’s on offer, plus a £1.00 administration charge … online. That’s £3.00 more than a paper entry … (11.5% extra) … via Fosse Data! Note to self … paper entries in future!

  3. Liz another point why the need for entries to be in so early 8 weeks on average i race pigeons with the National flying club at Nantes thier are 10,000 entries. My entry only needs to be in 8 days before the race and thier are massive logistic problems to be sorted as the birds are collected from all over the UK its the same for Tarbes and with the British international championship club you can enter on the day. I enter the Welsh national cage bird show again 10 days before the show the entries close if you exhibit sheep at major shows its 1 month.
    So why do pedigree dog shows act so and if a dog is not right or a bitch on heat why not allow a replacement entry ? surely that is not insurmountable problem. Its time some talking took place and that the kc and co need to remember dog owners ans use a bit of commonsense and think of the owners and costs before the sandcastle collaspes.

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