Well a lot know anyway…..

Honestly, there is planning (sort of) to all this. The intention was to get National Terrier out of  the way and then officially announce the EFG Companion Show and Funday 2012 on July 14th in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Obviously arrangements are well under way-which is how come a lot of people already know-but the best laid plans of blog writers and club secretaries etc…..

The Supreme Inn were people have stayed in previous years is fast booking up and have notified us that they only have nine rooms left. If anybody is intending to stay there please give them a ring as soon as possible and ask for the £45.00 rate as agreed with Jean Rogers EFG. This rate is available to anybody not just Glen of Imaal Terrier owners.

By the way if you thought we’d missed a day on the 28th March you aren’t  one of the 67 who follow the blog daily and so get updates direct to their phone, computer or laptop. They received the posting and so didn’t realise it had got caught in the time space continuim and dropped into the machine for March 24th, 4 days earlier! Nobody has a clue how this happened but you do need to have a look back at the “Important News” if you missed it. Oh yes, if attending National Terrier with a Glen don’t forget a crate card to write the bench number on.