National Terrier 2012 Results

Glen of Imaal Terrier people had an early start with the breed being first in the ring at 9.00am. Judge Bill Browne-Cole was very decisive and many people, whether they approved his placings or not, said how they liked the way he judged. Glens always like “finger judges” (people who judge, stand back and then place with the pointing of the finger and sir, madam etc. rather than endless standing, contemplating and reading notes).

Best Dog was awarded to Veteran aged Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with a new “young lady”(21 months) raising to the top in the bitches. Romainville Aoife at Pajantick moved to Berkshire in December and hasn’t done much over the winter but last weekend took Terrier Group 4 at Slough and then to take Best of Breed at National Terrier so what  a week. It was a youthful day in the main with the Reserve Bitch going to Ch Winnie Make Music by Jeonty (coming up 2) and the Reserve Dog to the Best Puppy Romainville Billy Whizz so a great show for Kathy George (Romainville). A nice selection of general Glen photographs can be seen

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Looks from the photos that everyone was having a grand time. What a treat to have the photo album to view but the dogs ate not identified. Can anyone tell me who the wheaten Glen is on the wooden bench? Such a cute head on her.

    • I think that’s Lola (I was stewarding so wasn’t on the Glen line) but hopefully somebody will tell you for sure. Her full name is Jeonty Lola May at Wickholm

  2. If someone could share Lola’s breeding, too, I would be grateful! And does she appear in any of the other photos where her profile might be seen?

    • Lola is by Wannabe Buster out of Daisy Donut and is litter sister to Bauer, Flown Finnair, Maybe Daysee etc. I’ve emailed her owner to tell her to look at the blog as we need her opinion.


  3. I should have guessed. I never met Daisy Donut in person (dogson?!) but just adored her in photographs and I saw Maybe Daisy at Crufts in 2010 or 2011 and loved her, too.

    • Hold the press, it looks as if I was wrong (I did say I was stewarding). Extra opinions have it as Danny (a male) Romainville Brannigan at Brockland. He-and Ruth-are on the bottom row of pictures in the album

  4. I can confirm it wasn’t Lola in that pic – she appears in pic 26 only. And those of you who see my facebook page will understand when I tell you the lack of hair is down to a certain young man called Rocky…..

  5. Congratulations to all! I can’t bring up the pictures, but would love to see. Probablly my wretched computer.

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