Sign an epetition on fuel prices

The item below has been sent with the query as to whether it is suitable for the blog? Many dog people, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier folk, live in rural areas so yes….it is suitable

Sarah Newton MP has set up an online petition calling on Government “to ask the Office of Fair Trading to look into the disparity between rural and urban fuel prices, to ensure that the regional fuel market is fair to rural consumers.”

 Mrs Newton has identified that “the price of petrol in rural parts of the UK can now be up to five pence more expensive per litre than petrol sold in urban areas. Such high prices are having a considerable impact on the finances of rural households, who are often dependent upon cars to access work, school and public services.”

Supporters of this petition can sign up here until April next year. You will recall that if an online petition “gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.”

2 thoughts on “Sign an epetition on fuel prices

  1. In Moreton its 149.9p in other villages 149p to 153p in cheltenham and Gloucester 144 highway robbery and Tesco with its regional/area pricing on fuel and food do not help. At Stow on the Wold Tesco is one of the highest priced Tesco shops in the UK many of us use it as a shop of last resort and it doesnt sell fuel.

  2. Another thing that is relevant;- In areas with cheaper fuel you can generally get on a bus. Not an option in most rural areas.

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