Drumroll please

Today it’s the official announcement of the Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens  Companion Show & Funday will be held att Hedge Green Cottage, Blackjack Road, Swineshead, Boston. PE20 3HH. Saturday July 14th will be the date and all profits will go to Hearing Dogs For The Deaf who will be present at the event. The show will be judged by Allan Stephenson & Peter Chappell. Prof. Peter Bedford will be doing the eye-testing as usual. There will be stalls, there will be raffles, there will be stuff.

Schedules for the show, eye testing appointments etc. will be available from late May. If you are attending and wish to book a camping slot do get in touch with Jean (jean@e-f-g.co.uk) as soon as possible.

Sign an epetition on fuel prices

The item below has been sent with the query as to whether it is suitable for the blog? Many dog people, not just Glen of Imaal Terrier folk, live in rural areas so yes….it is suitable

Sarah Newton MP has set up an online petition calling on Government “to ask the Office of Fair Trading to look into the disparity between rural and urban fuel prices, to ensure that the regional fuel market is fair to rural consumers.”

 Mrs Newton has identified that “the price of petrol in rural parts of the UK can now be up to five pence more expensive per litre than petrol sold in urban areas. Such high prices are having a considerable impact on the finances of rural households, who are often dependent upon cars to access work, school and public services.”

Supporters of this petition can sign up here until April next year. You will recall that if an online petition “gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.”

“The Meeting”

“The Meeting” at National Terrier was due to something that happened at National Terrier 1996. It was a few voices and a few people that, within a short time, became a shout and a crowd; the Enthusiasts & Fanciers of Glens was up and running. The EFG remarkably quickly established its credentials of transparency and openness-what its people wanted its people got and people they all were. Other breed clubs had members but the EFG had their people and their people called the shots. Officers, for the sake of ease, were established but the “the committee” was whoever turned up when decisions needed making and those occasions were quite an event. Not for the EFG the boring (and often avoided) AGM; it was the Grand Soiree. The Committee meeting was held with a Soiree so there was never a shortage of willing volunteers to keep the Club on the right track.

Glen of Imaal Terriers need to think on a world-wide basis so “The Factfinder” was quickly established. EFG groups happily travelled all over the world to spread the gospel with international Glen owners; many overseas owners still remember the visits with awe and admiration. The Soiree became acknowledged as a standard of excellence in many countries. The EFG people said we should be “more involved” so involved we became. We were on both Countryside Marches and actively lobbied about docking. The National Working Terrier Federation welcomed us and the breed booth attended any event it was asked to. The EFG did the first health survey for the breed and started the first health fund which is where we came into our own.

PRA had been discovered in the breed and it didn’t conform to any known variants so big trouble loomed. The US Glen Club had started fund raising for Optigen but it was agreed two heads were better than one so a European answer was needed. Bochum in Germany had previously found success in the gene exploration field so a request was made there. The answer was yes, but money is needed. Terry Thorn, an EFG person, suggested a few paragraph application to the Charitable Trust and they would respond if they wanted to know more. We did, they did and the rest is part of Glen history. A family tree was drawn up on a roll of wallpaper and EFG people began travelling to Europe to illustrate connections of families and ask for support. Glen people supported. The EFG people also supported with an outlandish suggestion; they dedicated themselves to raise, pound for pound and within five years, a match for any grant given. £5,000 was raised in four and the rogue gene discovered.

Grooming seminars, breed seminars, even more breed seminars have gone on over the years. Talking Toplines, the successor to Grope A Glen, reached new heights when a hotel was hired and Frank Kane was the chief speaker. The EFG has arranged (and organised) eye testing for years and the Companion Shows grow ever more in popularity each year. In the early years of the EFG Kennel Club registration and recognition was mused upon and even provisionally looked at. The letter is still held that said try  application in five years but there was never any need to bother-why should we? Last year though, 15 years old, the suggestion came forward again and, as at the beginning, as the weeks passed the odd voice became a shout. The EFG people were speaking so they had to be listened to.

Last December Christmas cards went out with a note attached asking for opinions. The opinions were positive. In line with always asking the idea was mooted for the National Terrier of 2012; what about….? The reaction was positive so letters went out again. The EFG website and blog invited anybody and everybody who might be interested. It appeared in a dog paper but would people, in these hardened times, come? Thirty actually sat at the meeting, others appeared later, and the word from the people matched what had already been heard. After 16 years the undoubted recognition for the EFG should be taken to the next step. Sponsoring societies have stepped forward; judges and group judges have sagely nodded. We shall be seeing if the Kennel Club will listen


At the 45th International Paashondenshow (Easter Dog show) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands took place. Laiquendi’s Jillian Yanna Maywen, born 1st July 2009 and owned by Aimée Beenders was judged 1 Excellent/CAC/CACIB/BOB by Mrs. B. von Kralik (Germany). This was the last CAC/CACIB point Maywen needed for her Dutch Champion title.

On Saturday 31st March NL Kamp. Laiquendi’s Jillian Griffith James, born 1st July 2009 and owned by Frans Blijleven became Luxemburg Champion at the 84th International Dog Show.

At the Troy Kennel Club Niamh of Cnoc finished her CH with a 3 point major by winning BOB over a special out of the Bred By class. The judge was Lydia Coleman Hutchinson.  Niamh now becomes one of the select band of Glen of Imaal Terriers that have titles both end Ch Niamh of Cnoc BN RN

At Combined Canine in Ireland Abberann Karl picked up his last Green Star to enable him to join the upper house so adds Champion to the front of his name.

Congratulations all round

National Terrier 2012 Results

Glen of Imaal Terrier people had an early start with the breed being first in the ring at 9.00am. Judge Bill Browne-Cole was very decisive and many people, whether they approved his placings or not, said how they liked the way he judged. Glens always like “finger judges” (people who judge, stand back and then place with the pointing of the finger and sir, madam etc. rather than endless standing, contemplating and reading notes).

Best Dog was awarded to Veteran aged Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad with a new “young lady”(21 months) raising to the top in the bitches. Romainville Aoife at Pajantick moved to Berkshire in December and hasn’t done much over the winter but last weekend took Terrier Group 4 at Slough and then to take Best of Breed at National Terrier so what  a week. It was a youthful day in the main with the Reserve Bitch going to Ch Winnie Make Music by Jeonty (coming up 2) and the Reserve Dog to the Best Puppy Romainville Billy Whizz so a great show for Kathy George (Romainville). A nice selection of general Glen photographs can be seen

National Terrier tomorrow

National Terrier (at Stafford County Showground) takes place tomorrow. Glen of Imaal Terriers are first in the ring at 9.00am so set the alarms. Judge Bill Browne-Cole isn’t a slow judge so should finish in tthe 90 minutes allocated. The meeting after judging, to decide what the membership thinks the next step for the EFG should be, will be at 11.00am. This allows time for giving the dogs a walk etc. after judging. Obviously Jean will be benchside tomorrow morning for any last minute details.

If you are looking for a Glen puppy

The Kennel Club lists Glen of Imaal Terrier puppies for sale but one thing should be remembered when viewing the list. The names are only there because the person has paid a fee to be placed on it. It is not a guarantee of any health testing being done, the only assured thing is that the pups will be registered (i.e. more money tto the KC). If you are thinking of enquirying after any litters advertised on the Kennnel Club site you still need to ask whether the parents have had any health tests? If the reply is no, or there aren’t any up to date ones, ask why. No responsible breeder will mind!

Also last weekend….

From Larry Nattrass and his Earthdog Glen of Imaal Terriers

Golden Gate Dachshund Club held an EarthDog trial at Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, CA this weekend – 2 days, 3 trials. Saturday AM was windy but the good news was that the rain held off. No such luck in the afternoon – the strong winds blew the downpour under awnings and through every gap in rain gear. The clay soil turned to greasy, slick mud and a couple of the tunnels flooded. Oh yeah, a couple of cars got stuck but that didn’t interfere with EarthDog. Today, the sun was out and all we had to contend with was the mud.

Molly (Maille of Cnoc)finished her Junior EarthDog title in the AM run yesterday. She went straight to the quarry and began work immediately, continuing for the required 60 seconds (seemed like 60 minutes to me – the wind was masking the softer sounds and I didn’t know if she was working or not). Retrieval went very nicely.

Quinn ran before Molly (it helps if she is jealous and thinks Quinn ate HER rats while he was in HER tunnel – No, she doesn’t wait calmly or quietly and voices her opinions of what she thinks he’s doing). We didn’t get any times, but he passed and got his first Q. In the afternoon, he reached the prey 7 seconds after release (that’s 10 feet of approach and 30′ of 9×9 inch tunnel with 3 right angle turns in 7 seconds), started work in 1 second (the judge couldn’t hit the button on his stopwatch any faster than that), and carried on for 58 seconds, just missing a second Q. He made up for that this morning by earning his second Q and JE title. The judge commented that he was among the fastest dogs she had seen, reaching the prey in 9.01 seconds.

Molly ran the Senior earth yesterday afternoon and did extremely well for a first try. She dawdled around the entrance, ate some grass, went over the check out the surface area around the false den, tried to visit with the judge, and finally eentered the tunnel at the 50 second mark. She reached the quarry well within the remaining 40 seconds, stared for a few seconds and then began work, working very loudly for the required 90 seconds. Senior requires that the dogs exit the tunnel on command (well, sort of)after the prey is removed and the handler gives a command (or about a hundred commands, pleas, begging, etc. in our case). Molly popped out the false entrance with not too many seconds left and, when I moved to get her (about 20′ away from my station at the main entrance), she decided I wanted her to keep hunting and dove back underground. This morning’s run might have been more successful if we had remembered to bring Molly’s brain. She wandered around on the surface until the judge called time, then dove into the tunnel, stared at the rats for a minute or so, popped out the false entrance, dove into the main entrance, popped out the false entrance, dove back in the false entrance, etc., etc.

We are very proud of both dogs for earning their titles and very pleased with Molly’s willingness to take on the challenges of Senior. She did very well and we can practice recall and other stuff at home, getting ready for the next event.

Nice to hear about other things Larry, thank you.

and over the weekend…..

Over the last weekend GCh Finnabair Song  O’ My Heart contiuned the Glen of Imaal Terrier group placement tally with a Gp 2 & Gp4. Niamh of Cnoc took Best of Breed at the Central NY Kennel Club Show. Well done to the above and belated congratulations to Rainbow Springs Kylee of Cnoc who has taken up serious jumping in her Veteran years and earned a “Q” in Open Jumpers with Weaves.

A communication over the weekend expressed surprise that a Group win by a Glen at an Open Show in the UK hadn’t been mentioned on here. It would have been if anybody had passed the news along. If your Glen does well at anything we always try to mention it but  we have to know about it!