Just something to bear in mind

Best of Breed and Best Puppy in CC breeds at shows where there are no CCs will now qualify for Crufts if more then 3 classes are scheduled. Just something to bear in mind if you are wondering whether to take your Glen of Imaal Terriier to a non CC show.


DNA testing in Ireland

Any Glen owners in Ireland wishing to have their Glen of Imaal Terrier tested for PRA should email Enda Buckley asap with their dogs details, and microchip number so he can register them with Optigen, bloods will be sent off in 2 weeks time so please get in touch now, Endas’ email address is endabuckley79@gmail.com

Dutch Young Dogs Day

From Aimee Benders (secretary Dutch Glen of Imaal Terrier Association)

What a great day it was Saturday, 19th May when the Dutch Association for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers organized her puppy & young dog day! With temperatures around 22°C  the sunny weather conditions made it a perfect day for both human & Glen participants. Theme this year was ‘Sports & Fun’ and fun we had. In the morning a playground was set up for Glens of all ages with their owners. Tradional Dutch games were translated into dog games to show the interaction between dog and owner. There was no competition aspect this morning so all dogs were winners. The afternoon programme was reserved for the puppy and young dog exhibition. For this occasion German breeder Stefanie Blänkner was invited to inspect 21 puppies and young dogs in the age of 3 – 24 months from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Traditionally this day ended with the Parade of the Veterans. 6 Lovely lady Glens showed their best and confirmed what every Glen owner knows: no matter what age, if necessary they have the energy of a youngster!

For more pictures of this day filled with fun you are invited to visit our website or become our friend on Facebook.  

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Bath results

Bath Championship Show is one of those weird “single ticket” affairs for Glen of Imaal Terriers. The one challenge certificate can go to either the dog or bitch best of sex and then the reserve CC can be awarded to either the opposite sex or the reserve to the CC winner. Judge Eileen Foy chose the dog Johnny Be Good at Romainville for the CC (another taking their first) and the reserve CC went to the reserve best dog Bailielands BB Ben. Best bitch was Romainville Aoife at Pajanticks & Reserve Best Bitch Romainville Inki

Blowing the trumpet

Yesterdays EFG blog post was number 1,040. That’s a heck of a lot of (mainly) Glen of Imaal Terrier information. Huge amounts of it couldn’t have been done without you sending stuff in and taking the time to read it. So thanks a lot and make sure to keep sending it all in. It’s appreciated!!

It’s quite a good source

Often Glen of Imaal Terrier people get enquiries about the breed from people who have never seen them and, frankly, don’t want to travel great distances. Of course they must see them in the flesh before actually purchasing one but YouTube is quite a good source of Glendom. There are many videos on there concerned with the breed and more importantly a lot of them are companion Glens in all sorts of situations.