…and over to you

The EFG website¬†brings a lot of people to the breed, the EFG and here to the blog. For a small site it is visited very regularly. All its life and through it’s different redos it has always done well. One of the reasons is that it has always been different. In the early days, when all websites were on white backgrounds, it was on black. People remembered the “black Glen of Imaal Terrier site”. The latest re-incarnation with its slanted offset front page caused a few eyebrows to begin with but that is a reaction and reactions are what stick in the mind. The EFG gets complemented on its different and friendly approach

As the EFG is currently getting ready to hopefully begin a new phase of its life what should happen with the website? What would you like to see on there? Is there anything you would like taken off? It’s your website so tell us!