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Is this is the most glamourous new Glen of Imaal Terrier Championship ever reported? Three shows at  Monté Carlo(Monaco) – San Remo(Italy) – Nice (France) and 3 CACIBs earns the title “Champion de la Méditerannée”. Congratulations to Carrighglen Big Boy. Also another Finnish Champion to the Gleann Kennel with Rylee the Reveller. America saw Ch Maille of Cnoc JE take BOB at Gavilian and GCH Kilkenny’s Sine Metu at Crawford County KC. Congratulations everybody.

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  1. Well done Dirk that is the dog you got off Terry and Connie O,Toole, Knockroe Big Boy was the sire ive a grandson of his they are real glens. They are tough,strong and uncompromising dogs with great heads and plenty of muscle . Our dog Ben is already producing some handy looking pups Big Boys early death was a loss to the breed i hope you have had him across a bitch.

    • A pity his pedigree name on the certificate is not properly copied! Must be “Carrighglen Big Boy”
      This show circuit is called The Meditereian Winner = 3 shows in 4 days.
      Next year we may also try the “Adriatic Winner” = 10 shows in 5 days
      A member of our club won this years edition….with a Basset!

  2. Just a minor correction: Molly is working on her Rally Novice (RN) but has earned Junior EarthDog – Ch Maille of Cnoc JE

    • Sorry Larry I was sent her as a RN and when I checked the results saw the RN-didn’t realise it was part of the registration, now amended

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