From the Scottish Kennel Club

“Once again due to ground conditions and circumstances that are out with our control and with the insistence of the Royal Highland Centre we have today been forced to move the entire layout for our show next week. To protect our exhibitors we have had to accept these demands and are now working on a new layout similar to ones we have used in the past.
All exhibitors should be aware that car parking will revert to the usual north car park and we will be using the normal entrance from that car park to the showground.
Once inside the showground all relevant rings and benching areas will be clearly identified.
All breeds and judging will still be in the ring numbers previously published.
The Caravan Annexe will no longer exist and instead the caravan park will return to its usual position and size along with the original pricing policy, consequently it will now be possible to take the option of a 7 day stay. Anyone wishing to change their booking should contact the office before it closes on Friday 11th.
Despite these enforced last minute changes the club is making every conceivable effort to ensure the show will run as smoothly as possible and will continue to meet the high standards we have attained over recent years.”