Bath entries

Bath Championship Show has released their entries and there are only 10 Glen of Imaal Terriers. Admittedly Bath has never been known as a favoured show for Glen people but the judge Eileen Foy is one of the most experienced people in the four terriers of Ireland-she first judged Glens way back in the early 1980s. There have been comments that the Southern shows don’t schedule the breed  (Paignton removed classes due to lack of support) but entries like Bath’s do indicate why.

5 thoughts on “Bath entries

  1. I think this shows that with costs showing HAS become regionalized north and south and with only 1 show with a single ticket south of Birmingham. I think its sad and shows tickets in my personal opinion have zero for the breed and have cut entries to all shows and cutting competition again these a just my own personal opinion.

  2. On a point if thier was only 1 show north of Birmingham i wonder would the north and north midland people travel as we seem expected too !

  3. we had planned to enter, have done since the show prior to CC’s being offered. Would have loved to have supported Eileen Foy. However, due to lack of coat in dog and funds being very tight this year its just not possible.

    It might be a ‘down south’ show, but its still at least 2 1/2 hours drive, so its no easier to get to than Stafford! just can’t justify it this time 😦

  4. Nicki i agree totally we have had to cut are cloth accordingly my point on north/south was not to bemoan individually but the system the kc have set up were thier is no balance. The only shows for us under 2hrs 30mins are Bath and 3 counties and like you Nicki we cannot justify the costs to the others.

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